Jeremy L. Morrison

Born August 21st, 1985 in Rockford, Illinois to Starlette and Gregg Morrison, Jeremy L. Morrison’s first job in the “business” was “bitch” on LOOK the Series.  He’s worked on some other cool things, has done some other stuff that was fun, but most importantly, he has gone on to host the greatest podcast that you’ve never heard of, Acid Pop Cult. APC gives him a platform to share his cynical views on cinema and pop culture. It also allows him to stay in the Chicago area where his two boys reside. You can view his IMDb page by clicking here. Believe us, he’s not nearly as cool as you think. He now lives in Stickney, IL.

I guess if you wanted to peep the director’s cut of his first short film it sucks WAY hard, you can see it here! It’s really, um, good. “Dumb Ass Dad“. In 3 years, it only has 47 views. (as of 2/7/2013) Sad really. He first posted the short 5 years ago. The initial cut has 20,114 views, but about 99% of those are negative. He receives a lot of hate mail for it. You can peep that out here. But be warned, it is 1:01 longer!

Jeremy needs  attention. give it to him here: TwitterTumblrFacebook, Instagram

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