#ReadAnFnBookFridays: TV Snorted My Brain


Title: TV Snorted My Brain (2012)

Author: Bradley Sands

Publisher: Evil Nerd Empire

In TV Snorted My Brain, Artie Pendragon is an angry young man who isn’t very popular amongst his peers. He thinks he loves anarchy, and his love of anarchy makes watching pee-wee soccer games a treat, however, when he gets sucked into TV Land and has to battle his Uncle for control.

This thing is loosely woven around the Knights of the Round table affair, but it’s more about a troubled kid from a dysfunctional family who is losing a grip on reality.

Artie is equipped with the Excalibur 3000 remote control, which is an instrument only his father could work properly, but his father is now dead. With the remote control Artie could change his surroundings in TV Land, but until he gets the Holy Grail which will guide him in using the Excalibur properly, he never really knows what the buttons will change.

Artie’s uncle is a wrestler who rules TV Land and enacts laws of censorship that everyone must abide. Every time Artie tries to curse, it just comes out as BEEP. It doesn’t matter how much he tries to change it.

The story revolves around Artie’s beef with his uncle, who might or might not have molested him as a kid outside of TV Land, and how he tries to overcome his oppression. The conflict deepens when Artie starts seeing the need for things which might not be very anarchistic, like his desire to rule TV Land, and recruiting his own army of knights to help him along the journey.

The book makes you wonder at times if this isn’t a glimpse into the minds of school shooters and bombers. There are parts of it that feel like the text was lifted out of the notebook of a kid who unloaded on everyone in the cafeteria with a blaze of automatic weapon fire.


Good shit from Bradley Sands. Sands has also written:

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Find all of them right here.

Jacket from the print edition (I read the Kindle version, so I didn’t really get the full effect of the great packaging):



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