After He Waxes His Mustache, The Iron Sheik Waxes Poetic Via Facebook and Twitter

Sometimes when you follow a celebrity you idolize on social media, you quickly find out that celebrity is either A) A giant douchebag or B) Frequently writing checks to the douchebag who manages their account and make the posts sponsors pay them to make. In both cases, it’s a major disappointment that taints that celebrity’s star in our universe of fandom.

That’s not the case with The Iron Sheik.

The Iron Sheik’s old, blown-out knees might suck these days, but when a new tweet or Facebook post, shows up in your feed, it’ll do nothing short of blow your mind.

For example:



Dead dog AIDS? Cheeseburger Tits? We have no idea what the hell he’s talking about, but we love it. He’s like the fucking Salvidor Dali of social media, and his palette is filled up with profanity and insults, alongside a healthy dose of condiments for tomahawk chopping across tits around the world. Like the Dallas Cowboys, The Iron Sheik is a former World Champion. Unlike the Dallas Cowboys, he still conducts himself like a true champion. He don’t take no shit from nobody. Not even Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.



Anyway, enough of our gushing all over The Iron Sheik like the Peter North of oil derricks, just go follow the Sheik and learn to appreciate what a master wordsmith can do with his medium.

Follow The Iron Sheik on Twitter @The_IronSheik where his description says:

“I am the legend. Buy my t shirt or go fuck yourself forever you big time jabroni.”

Like The Iron Sheik on Facebook and learn more about his personal interests such as:

“Make people humble
Fuck the hulk hogan”

If you know what’s good for him, you’ll follow his ass on Instagram too:



And in case you’re wondering whether it’s really The Iron Sheik behind his social media presence, one surefire clue that it is, is the web address for his Facebook page still has a bunch of numbers in it, rather than a clean Facebook address with just the “/username.” No self-respecting social media manager could tolerate that kind of bullshit on one of their pages.

There are, however, those who speculate The Iron Sheik’s account is the work of his management company or others, which it could be. We can’t say for sure one way or another, but just like a 5-year-old at Christmas time, we want to believe, and in this case, The Iron Sheik’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are our Santa Claus.

If we want to believe in Santa Claus, that’s our fucking business.

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