Oscars Snubs Week Begins

It’s over!

It’s over!

It’s over!

Gravity delivered hard body shots all night long, and had every other nominee up against the ropes when the final round, the Best Picture, round, got underway. Then with one blow, Gravity was face down on the mat.

Leonardo DiCaprio once again had to walk out of the Oscars ceremony with another statuesque woman on his arm and yet no actual statue.

Ben Affleck is still so disturbed about not having a Best Director Oscar on his mantle, just below his framed, Daredevil poster, that he’s out somewhere trying to be Batman.

Snubs happen.


This week, we’re going to focus on some of the snubs of Oscars past, and hit on some aspects of this year’s awards ceremony that seem quite snubby to us. Talking about the stuff like this is, after all, the fun part of watching this annual parade of pompous, self-indulgent, ego maniacs patting each other on the back. You can follow along and participate using #SnubsByAPC

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