It Sounds Good to Me! #SnubsByAPC

SnubsByAPC - SoundSound. Most of us take it for granted, but as we’ve discussed on the show in the past, it can make or break your film. The Academy knows this and that is why they have deemed it acceptable to have not one, but two categories at Hollywood’s biggest night. A lot of folks that watch the awards show will scream at their television set to cut the bologna and get to the good stuff, but we here at APC aren’t exactly sure what that good stuff is. Surely they don’t mean a host walking around among the room filled with Hollywood heavy hitters while asking if they can chip in for a pizza. I imagine that you, like me, tune in for the pleasure of seeing an underdog walk away with a prestigious award while the cast of 12 Years a Slave grumble amongst themselves, “At least we are a lock for Best Picture.”

Here is my beef with sound, nobody fucking cares. Production Design? Nobody fucking cares. Cinematography? Nobody fucking cares. Outside of the industry nobody fucking cares about these categories that people have tirelessly busted their asses in. For the most part the folks nominated in these select categories are lumped in with the Best Picture category. Here’s my challenge to you, gentle reader. Go look at all the awards handed out during the 80s. go ahead, I’ll be right here…..Done? Great! Now, let me ask you a serious question. How many times have you watched a horror movie on mute? Seriously, I want to know. No, fuck you, I’ll make my point when I get to it. You done yet? Okay, answer the question. That’s what I thought. Go watch Hellraiser on mute. Go watch Friday the 13th Part IV on mute. Laughable, am I right? Now turn up that surround sound system and close your eyes. Frank getting ripped apart. Jason slaughtering his way through Corey Feldman’s neighbors. All of it is 10 times more effective with sound. Horror movies, like all movies, can be great, or horrible if the sound is or isn’t right. Actually, I think I can watch a low budget sex comedy if the sound isn’t right. Vice Academy series anyone?! Actually, I might prefer to watch that series on mute, because jerking off is all visual for me.

Here’s my thought, dearest member of the Academy. Start nominating more horror films for their achievements in sound. Horror fans are a loyal lot. I guarantee you they would tune in to see a film they love get the recognition it so desperately deserves. Where was Insidious: Chapter 2? The Conjuring? Granted they would have fallen to the non-best picture winning juggernaut that was Gravity. The horror fans would have tuned in to root for the film, and might have stayed around for the selfie record breaking performance. Every year there was a new Nightmare on Elm St film, it should have won for sound. Also it should have for best visual fx, but I’ll keep this rant for sound. Yes, sound. Most of us take it for granted, but  it can make or break your film.

One thought on “It Sounds Good to Me! #SnubsByAPC

  1. I’m so happy you wrote about this. I was a sound editor and foley recordist for 20 years, so of course I agree. I love the inventive ways horror movies employ sound. On the other hand, Gravity did a tremendous job walking the tightrope on an old science vs movies problem – sound doesn’t travel in the vacuum of space. So we get all the noises as if they were filtered through the inside of space helmets and pressurized cabins. As we pull away from seeing her go nuts inside the capsule, the sound fades to silence. It was a deserved win both for effects and for the mix.

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