Episode 219: Fantasy RocknRollas

Episode 219: Fantasy RocknRollasJeremy and Jason explore a plethora of topics on this week’s Acid Pop Cult Podcast. As you probably know, the NFL is in full swing, so to kick things off, Jason offers a look inside the weekly column he has dreamt up for his fantasy league brethren. Talk soon turns to the duo’s early Halloween plans and Jeremy’s revolutionary new workout method featuring “Tales From The Crypt.” Jeremy then brings us up to speed on everything happening in the world of the highly anticipated “Friday The 13th: The Videogame.” To round everything out they discuss the latest 2 entires into his 366 movie challenge, Jason’s recent trip to see AC/DC in Washington, DC and being Asylum’d by a JonBenét Ramsey show. Spread your legs or spread the word! Be a pal! Leave a review and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes for our continuing adventures!

Episode 219: Fantasy RocknRollas

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