Episode 261: Sailing the Seas of Pumpkin Spice

This week’s episode of Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Hank and Jason reunite for an relenting jaunt down the pop culture highway. They start with a look ahead to this Fall’s Pumpkin Beer Supershow with a quick discussion of the possible entries. Talk quickly turns to the upcoming Halloween season and how much Pumpkin Spice is too much Pumpkin Spice. Other topics include a rundown on the recent season of ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘The Defenders,’ and Michael Mann’s ‘Thief.’ With the remake of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ on the way, the boys take a quick look at the film and what a potential sequel could bring. Hank also drops some knowledge in regard to his thoughts for the upcoming NFL season. Like the day after Halloween, we ended up with a mix bag and not all of it was quality but, God Dammit, it gets the job done! Spread the word, leave a review and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes for our continuing adventures!

Episode 261: Sailing the Seas of Pumpkin Spice

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