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Jeremy L. Morrison (REALITY SHOW, LOOK the Series) and Jason Price (Head Honcho at Icon Vs. Icon – All Things Pop Culture) strive to bring you something somewhat entertaining on a weekly basis.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey guys, Shawn here from Eibon Press. Thank you very VERY much for the review/plugs! It means a lot to us! Eibon wouldn’t work without the support from bloggers, podcasters, and the entire horror community. Sorry our pre-order and delivery takes awhile, Eibon Press is just two guys believe it or not. Our books, sleeves, and incredible extras are printed in three different shops across the world then they are assembled, shrink wrapped, autographed, and stickered, by hand in our shop. Thats what the pre-order period is for, this process takes awhile. I do all the shipping myself, I ship in the order they were received and it takes me a week to get them all shipped. Hopefully you get issue 2 faster. I just figured I’d explain the entire process, most folks are unaware, our books are truly hand crafted. unfortunately that means a longer wait… Anyway, your plugs are much appreciated! Here is the latest video for Issue #3: https://youtu.be/W_UQleLHXqw

    • Shawn,

      Not only did issue two come promptly, I am so excited to talk about it on our next episode (#229) later this week! Thank you for sharing the process with me so I can add it to the already glowing review I’d planned for the latest issue. I’m kinda blown away by the end product even more so now that I know what all goes into making such a beautifully, well crafted end product.



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