Episode 156: Wes Craven Retrospective

Episode 156: Wes Craven RetrospectiveThis week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason celebrate the life and work of the late Wes Craven. The duo discuss their introductions to his work, the impact it had on them as film fans and how his work impacted the horror genre as a whole. Next, Jeremy unveils his list of the Top 5 underrated films by the Master of Horror. They wrap the episode up with their Picks of The Week in the form of the new ‘Mad Max’ video game and Iron Maiden’s new album, “The Book of Souls.” It is a robust and full bodied episode; best described as easily drinkable. Download, listen and spread the word!

Episode 156: Wes Craven Retrospective

Episode 129: Friday the 13th Extravaganza

Episode 129: Friday the 13th ExtravaganzaThis week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jason and Jeremy celebrate horror’s most important holiday; Friday The 13th. Jeremy takes on a look back at the beloved franchise and counts down his favorite kills by Jason Voorhees. Be sure you give us a listen as we are offering up all the details on how to win an exclusive ‘ Friday The 13th: Jason Lives’ screen print by artist Chris Garofalo at Quiltface Studios! Jason discusses his recent interviews with Dan Hawkins of The Darkness and former pornstar turned DJ/Producer Lupe Fuentes. If that’s not enough, We’ll see you next Tuesday (K)night!

Episode 129: Friday the 13th Extravaganza

Oscars Snubs Week Begins

It’s over!

It’s over!

It’s over!

Gravity delivered hard body shots all night long, and had every other nominee up against the ropes when the final round, the Best Picture, round, got underway. Then with one blow, Gravity was face down on the mat.

Leonardo DiCaprio once again had to walk out of the Oscars ceremony with another statuesque woman on his arm and yet no actual statue.

Ben Affleck is still so disturbed about not having a Best Director Oscar on his mantle, just below his framed, Daredevil poster, that he’s out somewhere trying to be Batman.

Snubs happen.


This week, we’re going to focus on some of the snubs of Oscars past, and hit on some aspects of this year’s awards ceremony that seem quite snubby to us. Talking about the stuff like this is, after all, the fun part of watching this annual parade of pompous, self-indulgent, ego maniacs patting each other on the back. You can follow along and participate using #SnubsByAPC

The Hammer Needs Your Help, Don’t Let Fred Williamson Down


Original Gangstas 2: Old School Gangstas

Forget THE EXPENDABLES, the old school has returned to kick @$$ and take names!

Has anyone ever setup an Indiegogo campaign to fund a contribution to another Indiegogo campaign just to hit an especially appealing rewards level?

I’d love to get one of these Old School Gangstas, autographed scripts being offered for the right donation to Fred Williamson’s new film project. Williamson is trying to make Original Gangstas 2, which will be titled Old School Gangstas. Like its predecessor it’s got so much big-name power, it should be ripping phone books in half at the helm of the pulpit and trying to get sinners to change their ways.

The idea is to bring back the Original Gangstas and more.

It’s going to feature some of the biggest names in blaxploitation, several of whom were featured on our 28 For 28: 28 Days of Blaxploitation Legends series. These actors have worked together before in various combinations, but never exactly like this:

Fred Williamson

Pam Grier

Jim Brown

Richard Roundtree

Bernie Casey

Antonio Fargas

Gloria Hendry

Robert Forster

Original Gangstas starred Fred Williamson, Pam Grier, Richard Roundtree and Jim Brown. Casey, Fargas, and Hendry, who were featured on 28 For 28, and Robert Forster, are the new additions for this one.


Now that I think about it, if it’s fine-print compliant for me to start my own Indiegogo to fund my effort to donate to another indiegogo, then mark me down for a set visit and trip to the premiere.

We can do this thing!

I know we can.

For those who contribute to my Indiegogo campaign to fund my contribution to Fred Williamson’s Indiegogo campaign, I’m offering signed photos of me, CDs of Acid Pop Cult Podcast episodes, or a lunch at Red Lobster with me, your treat!

Since creating an Indiegogo campaign to fund another Indiegogo campaign is probably just a ridiculous fantasy, I’ll just have to settle for a smaller tier, and finance my own schwag habit.

I’ve got until April 4, 2014 to come up with the cash. That leaves more than enough time to give enough plasma to cover the $100 I need to get the signed script.

You also have until April 4, 2014 make a donation to help this new Fred Williamson project get off the ground by meeting the Indiegogo goal of $300,000.

Follow Original Gangstas 2 on Twitter @OriginalGSPart2

Dock Ellis Did Much More Than Just Throw a No-Hitter on LSD


Modern-era baseball is kind of dull. That’s hard to say being a life-long fan of the game, but it’s true. It’s dullness is directly attributable to the fact there are no great personalities in the game any more. That is to say, there are no personalities as big as the one Dock Ellis brought to the ballpark every day.

He put up good numbers as a starting pitcher in the Major Leagues during his career. He went 139-119 with a 3.46 ERA over his 11-year career. Yet his tendency for showing up at the stadium wearing hair curlers, a move he later revealed would increase his sweatiness which he then used as a modified spitball during the game.

In one game versus the Reds early in the 1974 season, Ellis took the mound and attempted to hit every batter who approached the plate. He hit Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, and Dan Driessen to start the game, and narrowly missed hitting Tony Perez, and Johnny Bench in the second before being yanked by the manager. He allegedly did it because he believed his teammates were intimidated by the powerhouse Big Red Machine.

Best known as the Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher who threw a no-hitter on LSD, he accomplished much more than that in his lifetime. Most notably in the years after he kicked his drug habit, he turned his efforts toward helping others do the same.

It’s the other things Dock Ellis did that are at the heart of the documentary, No-No: A Dockumentary, scheduled to be shown Jan. 20 at the Sundance Film Festival.

It’s about time someone gave Dock Ellis his due, and honored his memory in a documentary featuring interviews with his friends and teammates. While it is truly astounding that he allegedly no-hit the San Diego Padres while tripping balls on acid, his eccentricities and contributions to the game go beyond just that one miraculous day.

The only problem with No-No: A Dockumentary being invited to Sundance, is there are still a few things that need polished in the film to make it the film it deserves to be. That’s why the filmmakers are trying to crowd-fund a last-ditch effort to fulfill their vision for the project.

As we mentioned before, the no-hitter while on LSD is what he was known for, as he should be, because it is one of those great baseball stories, like Babe Ruth calling his own shot.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, here is an animated video of Ellis tellilng the story in his own words.

Ellis has also been eulogized in song for his LSD accomplishment. Just a few years ago, singer-songwriter Todd Snider wrote a song called America’s Favorite Pastime, which was entirely about Ellis’s big day.

Ellis passed away in 2008 from Cirrhosis of the Liver.


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like #Shitmas on Shit Movie Fest

Shitmas banner 2012

The 3rd Annual 25 Days of Shitmas is underway and going strong at Shit Movie Fest. The annual event features guests posts from some of the best writers of online shit, and a few of us from here at Acid Pop Cult, and will have you looking at Christmas in a brand new way.

This is how they explain the 25 Days of Shitmas at Shit Movie Fest:

So by now you may be wondering what actually this “Shitmas” thing is all about, well the best way I can describe it is once a year some of the best writers in the Horror Blogging Community and Friends of the SMF Page come together to do all kind of write-ups for the Holiday Season! There are Reviews or Lists about Holiday Movies, features on Old-school Toys, a few Giveaways/Contests, etc.

We Want You in the Bad Karma Celebrity Death Pool


You are cordially invited to participate in the Bad Karma Celebrity Death Pool, and all we ask in return is that you like the Facebook page where you will find instructions for joining and will see updates for future leagues, as well as newsy stuff, and other related material.

Through a celebrity-death partnership with Icon vs Icon, and possibly a few others to be named later, we have set up a Funeral Home/Death Pool via Doug Stanhope’s Celebrity Death Pool online death pool service. It cost us a few bucks, but it doesn’t cost you anything to register at the site and to join our group.

We are desperately seeking your love, and we will do anything to get it. We might even offer a few prizes throughout the year, but those details have yet to be finalized. They will be before the pool starts Jan. 15, 2014.

If you’re not familiar with the death pool concept,  it is a game where you pick a list of celebrities you think will die in 2014. When one of your picks actually dies, you get points. The person with the most points at the end of the year wins.

Visit the Bad Karma Body Count Facebook Page and follow the instructions pinned to the top of the timeline. It might take a day or so for an official invite to be sent to you, but it will come.  We swear it. 

Anti-Facebook? Email us and we’ll get you hooked up.

Few Diamonds in Rough Week of Blu-Ray Releases

I really thought the Blu-Ray releases this week would be special given the arrival of Cyber Monday and Black Friday, but boy was I wrong. There were very few films on the release list this week that excited me. Of course, that’s just me. You might be giddy over a release this week. If so, tell us about it in the comments below.

This week’s Blu-Ray Highlights

The Horror Show (1989)

Sometimes The Horror Show gets title tagged with House 3: The Horror Show, but it never probably should have. This blu-ray release drops it from the cover, and just calls it The Horror Show as god intended.

Aside from getting a great story about a man who, from beyond the grave, seeks revenge against the detective whose work sent him to the electric chair, you got a ton of Brion James, aka Leon Kowalski in Blade Runner, playing the role of a bad guy.  Nobody does it better.

Get it Nov. 26.

Sci-Fi Triple Feature: The Omega Man/ Soylent Green/ Logan’s Run


This set is worth the price of admission alone just for the two Charlton Heston movies. True, double and triple feature discs generally suck compared to the special edition, single-title releases, but if you just like movies and don’t give a damn about collecting anything, it’s a good way to score a few classic titles on the cheap. Just don’t expect a bunch of bonus features from Warner Bros.

Get it Nov. 26.

Black Sabbath Live… Gathered in Their Masses


Black Sabbath Live… Gathered in Their Masses comes out today, and it turns old these old bastards can still rock a little. This release reminds me of the Veterans Day parade that takes place every year in just about every hometown in America, where they find the oldest guys in town, dress them up, and drag them through the streets so everyone can applaud for what might be their last trip around the block.

After a short love affair with Quiet Riot as a youngster, I moved on to Black Sabbath for my needs, and it’s a relationship that has continued to this very day. I’m a  Sabbath fan. That’s why this release is being highlighted here.

Total Recall among the new Steelbook Editions from LionsGate.

Total Recall among the new Steelbook Editions from LionsGate.

For you collector types, for whom owning just one cover design option for a release is never enough, quite a few neat films were released in Steelbook editions, Nov. 24, too.

Sin City, Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2, Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Total Recall (1990), Apocalypse Now, Stargate: The Movie (1994), Highlander: The Movie (1986), First Blood, and Hero (2002) were all given the Steelbook look and released Nov. 24 by LionsGate.

Here’s a complete list of releases for Nov. 26.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Now Die, Die, Die: Fangoria Brings Silent Night, Deadly Night to Theaters in December


Get into the holiday spirit by taking the family to a screening of the Christmas classic, Silent Night, Deadly Night at a Theater near you. How great is that?

From Fangoria:

Fangoria Presents unwraps Charles E Sallier Jr.’s 1984 holiday cult horror classic SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, in theaters this December! SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT tells the tale of Billy Chapmen, orphaned at five after witnessing the murder of his parents at the hands of a Santa suit-clad madman on Christmas Eve. Now eighteen and out of the brutal grip of orphanage nuns, Billy is forced to confront his greatest fear, sending him on a rampage, leaving a crimson trail in the snow behind him. Fangoria Presents, in conjunction with Screenvision, delivers this seasonal slasher essential in a stunning new HD transfer for the ultimate experience in ho-ho-horror!

We have discussed re-releases vs remakes before on the podcast, and we most definitely favor the re-release route for classic films. Why risk screwing up a good thing with a shitty remake? Right?

So when opportunities like this one arise, we urge everyone to spread the word and show up at the theaters in droves to support them, even if the movie being re-released isn’t that good. In this case, it just so happens to be a great horror classic.

Money talks in the movie world.

Quit spending your money on shitty remakes, and let theaters know you’d rather see the original classics on the big screen. Those bastards in Hollywood will eventually get the message. If the public wanted Harvey Weinstein to run over his mother, he probably would if enough people wanted to see it.

Find out where Silent Night, Deadly Night is playing in your area at Fangoria On Screen.

The Garbage Pail Kids Need Your Help This Christmas

If my math and memory is correct, I was in the fourth grade when one of my classmates showed me a handful of cards featuring unabashedly grotesque art spoofing a toy parents fist fought over during the holiday season.

Nasty Nick and Up Chuck were the first two cards I saw. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Then I realized they weren’t just cards. No. They were stickers. I was immediately hooked and had to get some of my own.


I still like Garbage Pail Kids and occasionally grab a pack of the new generation when I see them in a store. So when I learned a documentary called 30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story was in the works I nearly shit my pants.

I obsessively collected Garbage Pail Kids for years afterward. Unfortunately the first series of cards that featured Nasty Nick and Up Chuck were replaced with the second series of characters by the time I convinced my mom to start buying them for me, so I only had a handful from the initial run. I didn’t let that happen again. From series two through series 13 I made sure to get them all, and I put every one of them in a binder in numerical order.


Like I said, I was obsessed.

The collection was stolen a few years ago, but I won’t bore you with all the details regarding that bit of shenanigans. It hurts just thinking about it.

The point to all this isn’t really about my childhood obsessions per se, but it is to alert everyone to the Kickstarter campaign associated with the Garbage Pail Kids documentary.

We generally don’t pimp many Kickstarter campaigns here at Acid Pop Cult, but occasionally a project like this one comes along and we are compelled to support it.

Now through January 5, 2014, the filmmakers are trying to raise $75,000 to complete the project. So if you are as old as I am, and had a childhood obsession with the Kids, you might want to consider supporting it.

Find out more about the documentary on the 30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story Kickstarter page.

Sincerely, your Acid Pop Cult pal…