Acid Pop Cult

Episode #1 – In our debut episode we talk The Devils Rejects, Idle Hands, and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Chris and Jeremy go on an ill-informed journey to find NOFX’s Hardcore (not in a store near you). We talk Flashback Weekend in Chicago and discuss “not so” current events. Download Episode #1 HERE

Episode #2 – We talk Paul Rudd flicks Our Idiot Brother, Role Models, and Halloween 666: The Producer’s Cut. In the realm of TV we talk Sons on Anarchy, True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We find Kristen Stewart’s bastard father, Jeremy talks about his anti-climatic search for NOFX’s HARDCORE, Chris gives us an inspired music review and Roxy coins a new term. Download Episode #2 HERE

Episode #3 – We are joined by special guests Parker Bowman of Junk Food Dinner and Pool Party Radio. The gang discuss their favorite Scream Queens. They also talk about the state of horror today. Tiffany Shepis pops in to tell us her thoughts on what “makes a Scream Queen.” Jeremy updates the shadow box contest results. Shepis also fills us in on what she has been keeping herself busy with and gives us the lowdown on what we might expect from her hubby, Sean Tretta. Jeremy issues a public apology to Parker and thanks him for the 24/7 tech support. Download Episode #3 HERE  

Episode #4 – Talented writer and all around great dude, Garry Charles, stops by to talk films based in or made around the UK. Jeremy creams over American Werewolf In London, Roxy professes her love for horror sequels, and hammers in said sequels, and Garry teaches the two how Michael Cain is a horrible actor. We talk some kickass flicks and have fun with the lameness of Skype. Oh yeah, Happy Halloween! Hit us up on twitter, facebook, tumblr, or drop us a line at AcidPopCult@gmail.com. Stop by acidpopcult.com for all your ACP needs. Please stop by our iTunes store and grab up the episode and give us a fair review… Jeremy will even take poor. Download Episode #4 HERE

Episode #5 – Welcome back to Acid Pop Cult! We hope your holidays were as fun filled as a night out in Cleveland Ohio. Roxy and Jeremy chat about a few of our fans, chat about why Jeremy has taken so long (2 months) to post this episode, and review two pretty cool flicks, Chop directed by Trent Haaga and The Muppets. Jeremy then chats with a talented artist, writer, and all around funny dude, Brian Myers (@tromaboy2002)
This is the first of 5 episodes to come that feature our tribute to the TROMA TEAM and their president and the creator of the Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman. As always please rate and comment on iTunes, “like” us on facebook, and follow us on twitter @acidpopcult. Download Episode #5 HERE

Episode #6 Brian Myers (@tromaboy2002 on twitter) and Jeremy finish up their chat about Troma FIlms. Roxy then makes Jeremy screw up the show plugs…again. Download Episode #6 HERE

Episode #7 we continue our Troma retrospective with Debbie Rochon. Debbie is of course a Troma Goddess, Scream Queen, Producer, Host, Author, Writer, and #AA2. We talk about her past, present, and future with the company and her career as well. Like what you hear? Subscribe to our iTunes channel and Roxy will post more pics of her covered boobies. Not into that? Jeremy will send you a special surprise. Hit us up via email at AcidPopCult@gmail.com. Find us on the web at AcidPopCult.com. Follow us on twitter. Like us on facebook. We’re on tumblr. Download Episode #7 HERE

As always you can download all of these episodes on iTunes  HERE

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