Episode 32: Cannibal Kinfolk Chow Down

Episode 32 focuses on CANNIBALS, people! But first, we catch up with the two sickly gents and the bubbly cave dweller next door. We ask for your help getting Roxy’s brother Randy on the show. Then, Lee brings us another fine edition of the “Redneck Report” that may or may not feature backwoods rape. “Roxy’s Rack Review” is a double shot of mutant fun with the review of The Hills Have Eyes 1977 vs 2006. You may be shocked with what she picks as her favorite (at the moment). Jeremy piles on Roxy’s Hills review with a painful “Rants & Rambles” segment about how much he hates the ’06 version. Like what you hear? Call in, rate us on iTunes, or just spread the word.

Episode 32: Cannibal Kinfolk Chow Down

Episode 29: One Year Later

Roxy, Jeremy, and Lee are back in episode 29 with a new show format that doesn’t suck that much. New segments that we hope you enjoy. If you don’t, let us know. If you do, let us know. It’s shaky at first, but we think in a week or two Jeremy will be better. If not we will fire him and hire another faithful listener. Call the brand new Fan Line and be featured on the show 773-234-Acid (2243)

Episode 29: One Year Later