Episode 143: Blood, Sweat and Beers 

Episode 143: Blood, Sweat, and BeersThis week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jason and Jeremy welcome back Shit Movie Fest’s Thomas Bryce to the third mic position. Tom and Jason run down their recent trip to a local Brewfest, Tom’s insatiable appetite for red velvet cake and the screening of the internet sensation known as ‘Kung Fury.’ Tom also takes a moment to give his thoughts on ‘San Andreas’ aka ‘Rock Quake’ featuring Dwayne Johnson. Jeremy gets hip to the new craze sweeping hotel rooms (booked by Tom) up and down the East Coast — THE KANE GAME. Then Jeremy turns the tables and flexes his might by introducing Jason to Max Landis’ “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling.” Gather ‘round the speaker tonight kids because this one is a real slobberknocker!

Episode 111: Taut Men In Tight Pants

Episode 111: Taut Men In Tight PantsThis week we find out about Lee’s secret Swamp Thing past, Jason talks wrestling and tells a few snake-hunting tales, and Jeremy puts on his armor made of Affleck and takes a stand in the land of bat fans, and he lays some praise onto the loser horn, and causes things to get way out of hand. (Insert sad horn sound here)

Episode 111: Taut Men In Tight Pants