Episode 50: Jason Frisbie Joins Our TV Party Tonight!

Episode 50: Jason Frisbie Joins a TV Party Tonight!


No crops, no cut with Jason Frisbie, episode 50 is all about TV… and Rudy Ray Moore! That’s right folks, Frisbie from Pool Party Radio joins us on our 50th episode to talk television history and how it’s changed, or ripped off what we view today. But first, Lee continues his month long expedition into the world of Blaxploition and educates Jeremy on the wonders of one man who helped craft the genre and inspire shows like Black Dynamite (the movie and animated series.) Frisbie ain’t no jive turkey when it comes to the awesomeness of Mr. Moore. Check this one out, it’s a hoot. Also, check out Pool Party Radio┬áto hear back episodes of Frisbie and Parker Bowman’s fine podcast!

Episode 50: Jason Frisbie Joins Our TV Party Tonight!

Episode 8: Jeremy & @LeeArnoldMWF Put In Their Soul Glo


Join Jeremy and twitter fan turned guest co-host @LeeArnoldMWF for a fun episode. Roxy is out sick, but Lee and Jeremy have a brotastic fun time. We talk Blackploitation History Month, New Tunes, Twitter followers, friends, and fellow #AA love. Bigfoot. Napoleon Dynamite, #twunt, and hey, we have a new show intro!! Hit us up at AcidPopCult@gmail.com

Episode 8: Jeremy & @LeeArnoldMWF Put In Their Soul Glo