#APCNewToMe: Blood for Blood

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of most bands I’ve heard who call Victory Records home. As I’ve said before, this isn’t a slight on them, it’s just most of the “hardcore” bands I’ve been familiar with over the years just haven’t hit my sweet spot. Many of those bands were a bit too loose with the construction of their songs and there wasn’t enough of a groove present for my personal tastes.

That’s why I was surprised when I heard a song I liked on Sirius XM’s Metal 40, and then found out the band that recorded the song was a Victory Records artist… or at least used to be a Victory Records artist.

I hate when I hear something 10 years too late. That’s the situation for this edition of #APCNewToMe though. Not only am I 10 years too late to the part, but it doesn’t appear there is a party left to attend when it comes to the band Blood for Blood.


I heard the track “Paper Gangster” from their 2004 album Spit My Last Breath this morning while running an errand and dug the hell out of it. Then I came home and dialed up Blood for Blood on Spotify and listened to some more of their work. (The tune is also on the album Revenge on Society (1998) as Ya Still a Paper Gangster featuring a spoken word intro)

When I saw they were on Victory Records, I was surpised to say the least, and that led me to research the history of Blood for Blood, where I’ve found they are seemingly inactive at the moment. I also saw one account, albeit a Wiki, the band was active with Friends Stand United aka the 387 (or whatever, this is more wiki info, and I really don’t give enough of a shit about it to really research it) which is some kind of anti-racist gang thing that isn’t a gang who might or might not be comprised of those in the Straight Edge cult.

Sounds like a lot of dumbass baggage to me. I like the music well enough that I’m going to pretend I never read any of that shit. I’ll try my hardest to forget about the Straight Edge thing the most though.


Yeah, you can live your life however you want, but when you’re too passionate about a particular lifestyle and you try to convince others your way of living is the best way of living, you’re no better than the religions who have caused nothing but grief on this planet since humans crawled out of the muck.

Maybe it’s just the Straight Edge people I met way back in the day who were a bad representation of the whole thing, but damn they were annoying. I was 100-percent sober, and didn’t use tobacco, or any of that shit at the time, and they still got my damn nerves.

Anyway, this is a music thing, and not cultural criticism I suppose.

I’ve spent the morning listening to their albums Serenity… and Spit My Last Breath, and I’ve enjoyed almost every track. Still, however, the Paper Gangster tune stands out.

Paper Gangster is aimed at the many wannabe gangsters you see every time you go downtown in Anycity, USA. These guys even exist here in Podunk, WV, and Blood for Blood’s song nails their persona as well.

“Blood For Blood is the enemy of all that you hold dear.”, says guitar player Rob Lind, “I been held down my whole life. This band is my opportunity to spit in society?s face and tell mankind and the whole world “fuck you”. Anyone who has ever felt full of anger and hatred towards the world around them should be able to relate to Blood For Blood.” From Victory Records

Like most Victory artists, the vocals are a little bit growly and the guitar riffs are like beefed up versions of the chords old-school punk bands would use. For some reason Blood for Blood are able to pull this off without sounding ridiculous or untalented.

I really do hate that I’m late to this party, but when it comes to #APCNewToMe it’s not about new bands, it’s just bands that are new to me. You can follow along on the #APCNewToMe Spotify Playlist if you wish. Here’s what it looks like so far…

It’s a big world out there with thousands of bands actively playing at any given time and I can’t listen to them all at once, so forgive me for my tardiness on this one.

Rock on.