Episode 282: The Blandit’s Big Holiday

This week J-Mo and Jason sit down to discuss their hectic schedule. Jason catches us up with the happenings over at Icon Vs. Icon. Then shares his thoughts on “The Last Movie Star.” Later, J-Mo fills us in on what went down at C2E2 and other adventures he struck out on. As always spread the word, leave a review and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes for our continuing adventures!

Episode 282: The Blandit’s Big Holiday

Episode 137: Into The Further…For Real!

Episode 137: Into The Further...For Real!

The Acid Pop Cult Podcast is as diverse as ever this week. Jeremy leads the charge with a look back at his trip to C2E2 in Chicago this past weekend. The duo welcome a special (and long overdue) guest appearance from Producer Danielle who drops by to discuss her experiences in The Insidious 4D Experience. Jason discusses his brief trip to Chiller Theatre and what is on the way from Icon Vs. Icon. Talk quickly turns to the recently revealed image of Jared Leto as The Joker and Frank Miller’s upcoming Batman project. The dynamic duo then introduce a new segment where we focus in on our recommendations with “The Pick Of The Week!” This week’s pick is a podcast of note — “Henry and Heidi.” We won’t spoil the rest! Tune in to learn more!  If that’s not enough, we’ll see you next Tuesday (K)night…

Episode 136: The Bryce of Being Awesome

Episode 136: The Bryce of Being Awesome

On a very special episode of Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason welcome legendary blogger and horror community staple Thomas Bryce of Shit Movie Fest (www.shitmoviefest.com). Tom gives us the lowdown on the origins of Shit Movie Fest, how it grew to become a force in the horror community and made Thomas Bryce an undeniable sensation almost overnight (or something to that effect.) The trio then turn their sights on their most anticipated film releases with our Summer Movie Preview Spectacular! From the ‘Avengers 2: Age of Ultron’ to ‘Terminator Genisys’ to ‘Tomorrowland,’ their is certainly something for everyone this season! Sprinkle in some whacky banter and random musings and you have one hell of a podcast! If that’s not enough, we’ll see you next Tuesday (K)night… or until the pre-order is over.

Episode 136: The Bryce of Being Awesome

Episode 59: He Did It All For The Funny

Episode 59: He Did It All For The Funny

Acid Pop Cult, now 68.267% more interactive! The gang answer emails and tweets from the world of four listeners. Chris and Jeremy talk about their fun at C2E2, including Jeremy’s dreadful time during the Maniac remake, Chris hating on nerds, more Aquaman hate, some hard Kevin Smith dick sucking, and a beer line. Lee educates the boys on some literature and “The Confederacy of Dunces.” Jeremy says “in concession” instead of “in succession” twice in one episode, which drove him nuts during the edit. Words were not his friend on episode 59. If you’re not a fan of Kevin Smith, Jeremy is sorry in advance. If you are a fan of Kevin Smith, you’re welcome in advance. For some stupid reason I can’t upload our episode card… it’s really funny and I’m now suicidal because of this tragic blunder.

*Editor’s note: We don’t really think Lee is a racist. We’re sorry in advance.

Episode 59: He Did It All For The Funny


Episode 54 (Or is it 69??): Dropping The Hammer As The Whole World Hates Us

Episode 54 (or is it 69??): Dropping The Hammer As The Whole World Hates Us
Welcome to April 1st, folks! We’re so excited to drop the “Hammer” on episode 54 that you’d be a fool to miss this one! No comic book nerds, we’re not sitting down with the son of Odin, we had a chance to chat with another “Hammer”, and he ain’t no MC. If you guessed Fred Williamson(?), then give yourself a lollipop! After that we’re joined by old friend and host, Chris Michalek. We talk music, science, and inappropriate behavior at strip clubs. Enjoy! I know we sure did!