Last week I was fortunate enough to sit down with legendary broadcaster Mike North to talk about his career, where we are as a culture, politics and entertainment. That episode is going to drop in a few days, but because today “The Last Movie Star” officially opens on screens and is available on demand, here is a sneak preview of our chat on the film that brought us together, Burt Reynolds and Adam Rifkin. As always spread the word, leave a review and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes for our continuing adventures!

Sneak Preview: Mike North on The Last Movie Star

Episode 53: Thank God For Mondays

Episode 53: Thank God For Mondays


This week the boys catch up after a long break with some talk about SNL, Chevy Chase, and a few flicks they’ve had a chance to check out recently. Lee sheds some light on a sweet flick available on Netflix called Stingray Sam. Jeremy goes wild for Goon. They wrap things up with what drives Lee mad in this weeks March Madness. Honorable mentions: Rolfe Kanefsky’s Once Upon a Horror kickstarter, Bad Teacher, The Three Amigos, and Pool Party Radio latest SbtB episode. Check it out!

Epidode 53: Thank God For Mondays

Episode 19: Don’t You Forget About Mr. Hughes

This week we talk about ALL THINGS John Hughes.

Episode 19: Don’t You Forget About Mr. Hughes