Warp Time With ‘Comedy Without a Net’ From The Nerdist


Chris Hardwick is such a media whore, I sometimes think he has his own Tardis which allows him to be on a dozen shows at the same time.

To be fair, if I had the opportunity to be the kind of media whore he is, I’d climb naked over an electric fence to do it, as I believe most people would. Media whoredom is a powerful draw, not only to the ego, but to the bank account too.

The work he put into building The Nerdist, and the movement it’s spawned, has produced some interesting podcasts, television shows, and at least one book. I don’t follow it all very closely, because for the most part, I’m just not into the kinds of things that get discussed. As I’ve said before, though, just because I might not like it, doesn’t mean that it’s not any good.

I’ve recently stumbled onto something The Nerdist took the time to collect and put on the interwebs that sucked me in, and caused me to waste two hours of my day.

The clips were from something called The Set List: Comedy Without a Net. The Set List is like a challenge to comedians, where they are put on stage, in front of a small crowd, and forced to make up their set based on topics that are displayed on a screen behind them.

It’s straight improvisation.

Nerdist put together a  playlist of nearly 50 comedians doing Set Lists. Some of the clips come from the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, and others were recorded at the Nerdmelt Showroom in Los Angeles.

Quite a few of the comedians who took the challenge, killed it, and delivered sets 5-10 minutes long, that were simply hilarious. Other comedians, not so much, but that is expected when you are forced to come up with material on the spot.

A few that stood out for me, in no particular order, were Matt Kirchen, Jackie Kashian, Neil Hamburger, Dana Gould, Rich Hall, Tony Law, and Mr. Improv himself, Greg Proops.

Enough of this shit, just check it out, but beware of this playlist’s ability to warp time, and leave you wondering where the past two hours have gone.

Happy Monday everybody.