Isn’t It Time We Stop Making Illustrated Women Fight Crime With Their Tits Out, And Put Them Back In The Kitchen Where They Belong?

Fair Warning: Opinions Ahead

If I knew I was about to walk out my front door, get into my car, and drive across town to fight someone, I would like to think I would dress appropriately for the confrontation .Given one never knows how a fight will escalate, there is always the possibility what is perceived as just being a fistfight might devolve into a knife fight, or a gunfight, you have to be prepared. So that means dressing in a way that provides a little protection, if needed, without restricting movement too much.

This is a real-world view, of a situation most people don’t have to face too often, if they ever have to face it at all. Personally, I’ve never set out on a mission to whip someone’s ass before. I don’t care about things enough to do that, which is a problem unto itself, but not one I’m going to go into here.

As I mentioned in my diatribe about the show Arrow on episode 101 of Acid Pop Cult, I didn’t think about this issue until I noticed Canary wears fewer clothes when she’s fighting than she does tending bar. That ain’t right.

Sexism isn’t a new issue in the world of inked crime fighting. It’s also an issue that will probably carry on in perpetuity, because the audiences are primarily male. When DC launched the New 52, Nielson determined 93 percent of the audience for it was male, and most of them were over the age of 16. Anecdotally, this seems about right judging from the others I’ve encountered in comic book shops, or witnessed going into comic book shops, over the past 20 years.

Guys, especially young adult guys, are suckers for tight outfits and a nice rack. They can’t help it. It’s hardwired into them by evolution. Comic book publishers just cash in on that weakness and take in as much illustrated T and A money possible.

Hooray for boobies. Breast marketing is a giant cash cow, just ask the Susan G. Komen Foundation, who have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in an effort to save them, despite only giving 15-percent of it to funding research that would actually accomplish their mission, with the rest going to mostly marketing efforts and administration.

Women, and the tits they possess, are just a means to an end, for publishers and that end is selling comic books. If you don’t believe it, I asked a few people to send the names of female superheroes without telling them why I wanted the names, and then looked each of them up via Google Images and there wasn’t a single one who either a) Didn’t have cleavage showing, or b) wore skin-tight clothes that accentuated over-sized, gravity defying breasts.

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It’s hard to argue that’s not sexist in some way. Even when the guys wear tight outfits in comic books, we don’t see outlines of their cock and balls in the suits.

So If we’re going to be sexist about this, shouldn’t we just not allow women to fight crime to begin with, and keep them locked away at HQ, where they cook and clean for their vigilante husbands? There’s really no difference between the two. Both are sexist, and sexism is sexism is sexism, no matter how it’s colored.

Giving women powerful roles, like that of a being a superhero, is great, but not when the role requires showing off your tits to do it.

Some might argue the fact that women fighting crime in comic books is a step up in social class, from what it was 50-60 years ago, when June Cleaver was the hottest woman in town. I would have to disagree simply because of the strings attached to it.

Yeah, it’s just comic books, but that doesn’t dismiss the issue. If anyone needs a guide on interacting with women on a real level, it’s the many sweat-pants-wearing social misfits often seen at conventions and comic book shops.  (And I am fully aware that Buttcrack and Sweatpants aren’t the only people who read comic books, it’s just hard to go into a shop or con and not see a few lurking around somewhere.) Yet the girls of their dreams are drawn to perfection by artists motivated by sex and sales. All you have to do is scan the Internet to find all the cosplay pics of scantily clad female superheroes tagged with thousands of “Holy Shit! She’s Hot!,” or “I’d hit that,” comments.

I’m not a perfect man. I have my vices too. We all do.

If you’ve ever listened to the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, you’re probably amazed at the content of this entire piece because we often dance with issues of sexism and racism on the show. Typically, though, it’s done to either make ourselves look like assholes, or to make a bigger point about something positive. So I, if not we, wear a little bit of guilt for using sexism and racism for entertainment purposes. We also usually point out how wrong we are to do so, when we’ve done so.

I try to see that we point out the error of our ways when we do make sexist or racist remarks, if it isn’t overtly clear by context, because one day, perhaps, someone who heard us say it and admit wrongdoing, might stop and think about it themselves when they say such things, but really mean it. Call it putting a spotlight on stupid, if you will.

We love tits and ass just like every other heterosexual male loves tits and ass. If guys didn’t, civilization would come to a halt as the population died off. It just seems like as a culture we love tits and ass too much, and treat them as pets rather than letting them jiggle free.

That’s a sexisst way of saying, it seems like women aren’t allowed to prosper in some situations because we like having them in cages, where we can just look at them whenever the mood strikes us to do so.

Pop art, like comic books and animated superhero shows, is just one of the many cages created over the years. It’s just another brick in the culturally sexist wall, and it’s time we tear down that wall, Mr. Gorbachev.

The opinions expressed in this article are entirely those of the author, and do not reflect the opinions or policies, of Acid Pop Cult, or it’s other hosts or guests. He’s gotta wear this one all by himself. He’s probably a hypocrite anyway. All guys are when it comes to the sexism issue in some way, right?