Episode 49: The Unintentional Directors Cut

Episode 49: The Unintentional Directors Cut

Episode 49 is a great one, folks. Lee brings us a hilarious Dear Hollywood and a top 15 of Blaxploitation from IMDb. He educates us about some of the godfather’s of the genre, including a Pam Grier collaborator, Jack Hill. A white dude making Blaxploitation flicks? Happened a lot. Guess what, he was fucking great at it too! Jeremy blows a load over The Dark Knight Returns part II, John Waters, and the cute men over at Junk Food Dinner. We should just get rid of Rants and Rambles since he tends to rant and ramble his way through the entire show. Roxy’s Rack Review is a gem! Roxy educates Lee about-indy as fuck-filmmaker Fred Olen Ray, and also delivers another great review, The Phantom Empire. No, not the Gene Autry sci-fi epic from 1935, the 1988 version featuring an all-star indy cast that includes a leather clad Sybil Danning. Still not interested? Fuck off! This show is awesome! Roxy brought her A game, Lee hit 5 for 5 with 4 homers and 9 rbi’s, and Jeremy, well, talked.

Episode 49: The Unintentional Directors Cut

Episode 47: Local Politicians Get Buckwild If I Die Before I Wake

Episode 47: Local Politicians Get Buckwild If I Die Before I Wake


On this episode Jeremy brings up corrupt local politics, Lee gets Buckwild and shares an award worthy Dear Hollywood, and Roxy pops “If I Die Before I Wake” off her rack for another fine review.  Since we took a week off for tech problems we decided we should go a little long for the die hard fans. Strap in.

Episode 47: Local Politicians Get Buckwild If I Die Before I Wake 

Episode 46: Twitter Reject and the Pot Smoking Pop Star


In this episode Roxy confronts Lee, Jeremy confronts Roxy, and Lee confronts himself, as some in-house dirty laundry gets aired out for everyone to hear. The terrible trio also spends time discussing the latest outbreak of Bieber fever, and when that smoke settles, the discussion turns to Amish gangsters, Tales from the Crypt, and neat-o online resources for obscure films. Roxy then professes her love for Udo Kier yet again as she pulls Lars Von Trier’s The Kingdom from her rack. There’s even an open letter to the pricks in Hollywood and much more in this episode, which might be one destined for the podcasting Hall of Fame.

Episode 46: Twitter Reject and the Pot Smoking Pop Star

Episode 44: Trash Talkin’ Tranny

Episode 44: Trash Talkin' Tranny

CUM listen to the boys blow their verbal wads over Bailey Jay. If you’re over 36 years old, then you better not google image search Bailey. Roxy pops another Udo Kier title off her rack when she reviews “Mark of the Devil”. Also, Dear Hollywood, stop sucking at naming movies. Episode 44 is a hoot!

Episode 44: Trash Talkin’ Tranny

Episode 38: Part Two w/ Lee and Jeremy

Lee and Jeremy talk more George Lucas/Disney deal, Lee brings us another edition of Dear Hollywood, the boys talk prop b (which doesn’t concern them since they don’t live in LA), porn, action flicks, and all sorts of penis enlarging topics. Good times!

Episode 38: Part Two w/ Lee and Jeremy

Episode 30: Bromance Blooms

This week Lee steps up to the hosting plate and knocks it out of the park, while Chris comes back to pick up the slack left behind from a missing J-Mo. Roxy’s Rack Review brings us the overlooked, yet masterfully done “Island of Death”. Roxy’s cute as always, but even her hotness is no match for the budding bromance between Lee and Chris. They talk a lot of music which is impressive considering they are old and have a hard time remembering stuff.

 Episode 30: Bromance Blooms