Acid Pop Cult Episode 41: Chainsaw Sally is in the House


This week Jeremy L. Morrison, Roxy, and Lee Arnold, interview April Monique Burril aka Chainsaw Sally, and they also talk about Showtime’s Reality Show, the Original Django starring¬†Franco¬†Nero, Argo, Six Ways to Sunday, Django Unchained, Norman Reedus, Debbie Harry, JimmyO Burril, Debbie Rochon, Lynn Lowry, and more. It’s a good time. Trust us.

Episode 41: Chainsaw Sally is in the House

Episode 7: Debbie Rochon Brings Down A Wrath…Of Crows

Debbie Rochon guests on Episode 7 of Acid Pop Cult

Episode 7 we continue our Troma retrospective with Debbie Rochon. Debbie is of course a Troma Goddess, Scream Queen, Producer, Host, Author, Writer, and #AA2. We talk about her past, present, and future with the company and her career as well. Like what you hear? Subscribe to our iTunes channel and Roxy will post more pics of her covered boobies. Not into that? Jeremy will send you a special surprise. Hit us up via email at Find us on the web at Follow us on twitter. Like us on facebook. We’re on tumblr… ENJOY!

Episode 7: Debbie Rochon Brings Down A Wrath…Of Crows