Episode 219: Fantasy RocknRollas

Episode 219: Fantasy RocknRollasJeremy and Jason explore a plethora of topics on this week’s Acid Pop Cult Podcast. As you probably know, the NFL is in full swing, so to kick things off, Jason offers a look inside the weekly column he has dreamt up for his fantasy league brethren. Talk soon turns to the duo’s early Halloween plans and Jeremy’s revolutionary new workout method featuring “Tales From The Crypt.” Jeremy then brings us up to speed on everything happening in the world of the highly anticipated “Friday The 13th: The Videogame.” To round everything out they discuss the latest 2 entires into his 366 movie challenge, Jason’s recent trip to see AC/DC in Washington, DC and being Asylum’d by a JonBenét Ramsey show. Spread your legs or spread the word! Be a pal! Leave a review and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes for our continuing adventures!

Episode 219: Fantasy RocknRollas

Episode 169: Binge and Purge

Episode 169: Binge and Purge

This week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast it is a blast from the past as Jeremy and Jason welcome back former host Lee Arnold for a very special episode. We get the scoop on what Lee has been up to, the poisoning of his town and then a healthy dose of what is on his mind. Talk soon turns to the trio’s love for fantasy sports of all sorts. However, if that isn’t your bag, they have you covered! They take a look at the animated juggernaut that is ‘South Park’ and Jeremy’s latest “think piece,” titled “DREAMBOATS: The Hottest Hunks On Elm Street.” Take a walk on the wild side… Download, listen and spread the word!

Episode 81: One Drunk Host Plus Two Bored Old Men Equal Sexy Podcats: For Whom the Bell Kills

Episode 81: One Drunk Host Plus Two Bored Old Men Equal Sexy Podcats: For Whom the Bell Kills

In which the host gets drunk on vodka and the co hosts unsuccessfully try to keep the ship afloat.

Episode 81: One Drunk Host Plus Two Bored Old Men Equal Sexy Podcats: For Whom the Bell Kills

Episode 36: Ghost Sh*t

Episode 36: Ghost Sh*t

Seth Koozer joins the group for a round table debate on ghosts, goblins, and creepy crawlies. The gang bring us a few flicks to check out around the Halloween season. Jeremy confuses Joe Chappelle and David LaChappelle and calls The Exorcist part 3 Dominion instead of Legion. He’s a douche.  It’s a good one. Special thanks to Seth for stopping by.

Episode 36: Ghost Sh*t

Episode 33: The Sh*t Show

The Sh*t Show! We talk sh*t, lots of sh*t. We talk sh*t on everything from fantasy football to Nazi flicks to dead grandmas. Roxy’s Rack Review brings us Escape From Blood Plantation, Lee’s Redneck Report drops science on social sh*theads that show no consideration at gas stations. Jeremy’s Rants & Rambles starts on Fantasy Footballers and the women and children that ruin it, before trailing off on Batman the Animated Series. New segment that you can vote on called “F*cktard of the Week” and Jeremy makes a public apology to his mentor, Parker Bowman.

Episode 33: The Sh*t Show