Episode 229: Two Guys Walk Into A Podcast

Episode 229: Two Guys Walk Into A PodcastOn the latest episode of the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason offer up a quick two-man show. Jeremy brings us up to speed on his latest bit of movie watching for the 366 Movies In 366 Day Challenge and reveals his new target goal for the project. Jason offers a look at the process of decking the halls of The Mojo Dojo this holiday season and purchasing a piece of pop culture magic to set the whole damn thing off!  Jeremy brings us his thoughts on the latest issue of Eibon Press’ latest issue of “Zombie” and what goes into bringing the comic from the drawing board to your doorstep. There is also a healthy mishmash of television and film chatter to keep you entertained! Spread the word, leave a review and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes for our continuing adventures!

Episode 229: Two Guys Walk Into A Podcast

Film shouldn’t be a speed reading exercise

Conceived and written by @LeeArnoldMWF

I think I’ve figured out why I like old movies and b-movies more than I do most mainstream modern film releases.

All these years I’ve blamed everything from CGI and crappy story lines, to over-commercialization and modern acting preferences.

When it comes down to it, the problem lies within structure of the films themselves.

The things I can point to in classic films that I enjoy, are similar to the things I often find myself pointing out as values I appreciate in modern films when I see them.

Generally, the movies I like don’t have a lot of action in them, unless of course we’re talking about highly-choreographed kung-fu where a student has to whip his master’s ass, or in some instances blaxploitatoin where the man has to be taught a lesson, but most frequently the low budgets of the films I like come into play and zap them of any real action sequences.

The sets are minimalistic, basic, and neatly contained.

For example, I love Reservoir Dogs.

It has a little action in it, a few basic set locations that dominate the film, and its heavy with narration, which brings me to my other frequent love of classic films over most modern releases – dialogue.

I like a wordy movie. I think in words. They flow through my mind all day long, so I can relate to things that are expressed in words far better than I can relate to things that fly past the screen at 100 miles per hour with automatic weapons sticking from the windows firing in all directions. I’m happiest watching a Woody Allen movie, Kevin Smith movie, or some other director/writer often accused of being a little wordy, like Quentin Tarantino or someone like that.

Words are the language of the mind.

Don’t believe me?

Think about something right now.

Go ahead.

I’ll wait…..

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Episode 20: Acid, Pop, Cult w/ Shane McAvoy PLUS trivia w/ Lee, Roxy, and JMo

Shane McAvoy (Hollywood Insider, Writer, Actor) sits down with Jeremy for some must watch flicks and a round of Acid, Pop, Cult. Lee and Roxy join the trivial pursuit fun later and you’ll be surprised to see who wins this round. Roxy pledges to join Pool Party Radio. It’s a fun episode.

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