Dana Gould appears in Mob City, Tells Great Charlton Heston Story on TCM

Dana Gould is one of my favorite comedians, and has been since I first saw him as a teenager. Gould underlines his smart comedy with a twisted creativity and even a little well-camouflaged anger. I get it. I dig it.

The former Simpsons writer appears in the new detective show on TNT called Mob City. Mob City is set in the 40s and plays something like Mad Men meets Sam Spade. I’ve seen the first two episodes and love it. It’s got a lot of elements of those film noir classics from the era it’s set.

Bully for him, but that’s not why I’m writing this. You can hear more about my thoughts on Mob City on the upcoming episode 89 of the Acid Pop Cult podcast.

In his promotional work for the show, he appeared on the TCM Podcast, TCM being Turner Classic Movies for those who might not be into old movies and stuff, and told a great story about an interaction he had with one of his idols, Charlton Heston. The 11-minute segment that is Part 1 of the TCM Podcast featuring Gould, is worth watching just for this story alone, but it’s also fun to hear him talk about Ed Wood, Vampira, and especially Planet of the Apes.

During his discussion of Planet of the Apes, spawned from his Heston story, he mentions a performance where he wore Dr. Zaus makeup on stage and recited a hunk of the Mark Twain show Hal Holbrook made famous. It’s an absolutely brilliant clip.

So here it is, Dana Gould as Maurice Evans as Dr. Zaius as Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain.

You can see Gould talk about Mob City, his latest special I Know it’s Wrong, and more in part two of the TCM Podcast.