#APCNewToMe: Joe Buck Yourself


I’ve been casually familiar with the Legendary Shack Shakers, and have been for quite some time now. The band occasionally came through my little nowhere town and played a few shows here and there. I’m very familiar with Hank III. I wouldn’t call myself a superfan, but I like a lot of his work, especially the album Straight to Hell. Yet somehow, despite these familiarities, I had never come across the name Joe Buck in a musical context until Spotify recommended Joe Buck Yourself to me yesterday.

Joe Buck is a musician who spent time in both the Shack Shakers and with Hank III. Buck is even credited as being a producer and engineer on Hank III’s Straight to Hell album, which is an album I’ve listened to more than 100 times.

I saw Hank III and Assjack, his hardcore, punk, metally kind of band, on the tour supporting Straight to Hell, so I’ve probably even seen Joe Buck play live.

Still, nada. No recollection.

I’d never heard of him until yesterday, but better late than never, right?

Joe Buck Yourself is a country-punk-whatever project of Buck’s that falls somewhere between Hank III’s country songs and his harder-edged songs with Assjack. That’s not implying he is a copy of Hank III, or vice versa, it’s just the best I could come up with for a description of the music.

The first Joe Buck Yourself song I heard was Dig a Hole.

The song is from the band’s self-titled release from 2007.

Dig a Hole sounds like a speed-injected, meth-infected Muddy Waters song from his days hanging with Johnny Winter recording albums like Hard Again. It’s got juice.

The Devil is on His Way isn’t as ballsy and bold as Dig a Hole, but it’s got a nice gospel style rhythm to it, but it’s laced with repeated uses of motherfucker in the lyrics.

When that was followed up with Hillbilly Pride, that was it. I was hooked.

So this week’s #APCNewToMe is Joe Buck Yourself.

They’ve been out there as a unit for nearly a decade, but had slipped under my radar until now.

It just goes to show there is more music out there than one person can hear in one lifetime, much less just a few short years.

The music world is a big one, and I can’t listen to it all at once. I gotta go through things one at a time.

I might be slow to catch on, but I’ll get there eventually if it’s something worth the wait.

You can find Joe Buck Yourself on Facebook.


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