Think About This Next Time There is a Carry-in at Work: Scary Pumpkin Pancakes from Henry’s Kitchen


Oh joy! It’s carry-in Friday at the office. Jill brought potato salad, Cindy brought her famous seven layer dip, the old lady in the next row to whom I’ve never spoken brought homemade brownies and ranch mashed potatoes. They’re handmade using her grandmother’s wooden spoon. It’s a fact she’ll undoubtedly  mention casually while in the vicinity of each cubicle quadrant as she meanders through the rest of her day.

Should be the best day ever, right? Especially so this time because it’s another week until payday and I have to somehow stretch an Andrew Jackson into a Benjamin Franklin.

During a Thanksgiving Carry-in two years ago I realized this is much better idea in theory than practice. Thus was born my carry-in ethos.

On Carry-in Friday, my health and safety is in the hands of my coworkers, and we all know what most of us think of them. They drink from the same old dirty coffee mug every morning, and repeatedly lick their fingers during lunch. I could testify in the court of public hygiene I’ve never seen one of them wash their hands long enough to sing the Happy Birthday song. It’s always “Happy Birthday, towel please,” if that.

So I decided pass on the brownies that day, and forever more, because I’m suspicious of the cake of brown gunk under some of those fingernails. Their hands of the smokers just look dirty when I see them fumble through bags, coats, and drawers for a lighter or cigs for their hourly smoke break.

I believe I trust that pimply faced kid working the sour cream gun at Taco Bell more than I do any of THOSE people. He’s at least got a health department making him clean the nozzle every now and then.

I was reminded of all that when I saw this piece from Henry’s Kitchen, in which Henry Phillips shows us how to make scary pumpkin pancakes.

Be on the lookout for the Bill Wiley appearance in this episode of Henry’s Kitchen. It’s easy to miss.

Remember Rev. Flavel from Porky’s 2: The Next Day?

“So sayeth the shepherd!”

“So sayeth the flock!”

That guy is the father of Henry Phillips.

Showbiz royalty if you ask me.

(And yes I realize this has a Halloween theme to it, but I just found it today. The Internet is a big place. Can’t see it all at once.)

You can also get the Jose Suicidio soundtrack songs on iTunes, like his classic Christmas song It Doesn’t Seem Like Christmas Any More. Check it out on YouTube.

His movie Punching the Clown is pretty good too.