Welcome to Acid Pop Cult


Jeremy here. I just wanted to say thanks for dropping by this brand new awesomeness. Special shout out to Roxy for setting up this fine looking spot for us to bitch about everything pop. Good looking out, kid.  Roxy, Chris and I are looking forward to pleasuring your ear holes with a podcast soon. When Chris cries at night for his binky the only thing that calms him down is the thought of us silly fan boys and gal talking to the masses about how much we hate, love to hate, and hate to love pop culture. Roxy sometimes doesn’t leave her cave in the Middle East for months on end. I figure she is too busy watching old Fred Olen Ray flicks. We hope to help her with that issue by teaching her that not everyone in the world sucks as much as Jim Wynorski’s chocolate covered skinamax features. I for one know that my chronic anxiety will only keep me tied to my mothers hip for the rest of my life. Chris and Roxy feel that this is not healthy and the podcast (coming soon) will help me with my abandonment issues. Maybe if my mother would stop breast feeding me I wouldn’t be so afraid of starvation on my trip to the mall.

Feel free to drop us a line at AcidPopCult@gmail.com,  “like” us on facebook, and follow our rants on twitter @AcidPopCult