Episode 150: Hitching The Wagon

Episode 150: Hitching The WagonThis week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason once again welcome back one of the show’s classic co-hosts, Chris Michalek. Chris offers a look at his recently finds in the world of vinyl and listening in ultra lo-fi. Jason and Jeremy revisit their conversation from last week on the cult movie phenomena know as ‘It Follows.’. Jeremy gives us the lowdown on his latest feature, a think-piece titled, “Heavy Hangers: The Best Boobs of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Films.” In short, it is quality read with lots of quality eye candy! The power trio then focuses in on a movement to save the ‘Dawn of The Dead’ bridge and ponder which classic movie locations they would love to visit. After offering up their picks of the week, talk quickly turns to the magic of hook hands and other free range oddities. Most importantly, on this very special episode, the gang focuses on the union of Jeremy and Producer Danielle! That’s right! They got hitched! We wish them all the best and remind Producer Danielle of the strictly enforced “No Returns” policy here at the APC Chapel of Love. Cue the music and prepare to throw the rice, loose change or well hidden cash their way!

Episode 150: Hitching The Wagon

Episode 149: It Swallows

Episode 149: It SwallowsThis week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason welcome back Thomas Bryce of Shit Movie Fest to the third mic position. The show kicks off as Tom and Jason recap their trip to Blobfest 2015 in Phoenixville, PA to celebrate the classic 1958 film. The chat focuses on some of the awesome street vendors, a 3D viewing of ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon’ and Jason coming to the aid of one of Universal’s classic monsters. Talk then turns to the freshly released horror flick, ‘It Follows.’ It’s a roller coaster ride as tempers flare when Tom and Jeremy battle for horror fan supremacy! If nothing more it’s a glimpse into the minds of two mad men! The power trio also chats about the next installment of ‘Ghostbusters’ and the outbreak of faux outrage surrounding this project and countless others. It’s one for the ages and we wrap it all up in a neat little package long before Tom’s next dose of B vitamins! Give it a listen and spread the word!

Episode 149: It Swallows