Episode 40: It’s The Final Parker!

This Thanksgiving episode is very special. Lee and J-Mo are joined by podcast GOD, Parker Bowman of Pool Party Radio and Junk Food Dinner. We talk remakes we’d like to see, what we don;t mind taking for granted, and a new(ish) segment called “Rapid Rants” that covers a handful of topics like Ariel Winter, Elmo, and more. ENJOY!

Episode 40: It’s The Final Parker!

Episode 35: Is Pretty Damn Good

Lee talks riots in the streets, Roxy’s Rack busts open a classic from the 80s, “Silent Scream,” and Jeremy rambles about Tom Atkins…AND William Fichtner? The boys talk about the CW’s new comic turned series, ARROW, and the gang agree Wal-Mart is the 7th layer of hell. Pretty damn good show.

Episode 35: Is Pretty Damn Good

Episode 30: Bromance Blooms

This week Lee steps up to the hosting plate and knocks it out of the park, while Chris comes back to pick up the slack left behind from a missing J-Mo. Roxy’s Rack Review brings us the overlooked, yet masterfully done “Island of Death”. Roxy’s cute as always, but even her hotness is no match for the budding bromance between Lee and Chris. They talk a lot of music which is impressive considering they are old and have a hard time remembering stuff.

 Episode 30: Bromance Blooms