Episode 133: Dreams of Going Clear

Episode 133: Dreams of Going ClearThis week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason weigh in on two if this month’s biggest TV releases, Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber and HBO’s Scientology documentary, ‘Going Clear.’ Jeremy also gives us a rundown on his recent bout of wild dreams and his new passion project for the horror genre, while Jason recounts his latest interview with rock/actor Michael Des Barres. If that’s not enough, We’ll see you next Tuesday (K)night

Episode 120: Pizza or Poon

Episode 120: Pizza or PoonThis week Lee talks about the adventures of buying a boat and battling the sun while living the life of a freakish ginger. Jason tells us a tale of beaches, arcades, and shares some thoughts about the Comic Con reveals. Jeremy detours the show into a three hour debate about pizza. Get out your multivitamin and Purell, because this shit is sick.

Episode 120: Pizza or Poon

Episode 95: Where Do Those Duke Boys Get Their Wonderful Toys

Episode 95: Where Do Those Duke Boys Get Their Wonderful ToysThis week Jason Price revives the previously abandoned Beer of the Week with a high class selection, Jeremy and Lee argue about which car is better, The General Lee or the Batmobile, and Jeremy shares his love of Law & Order: SVU… But only when “Hot Blonde” Stephanie March is on. It’s long, but the new intro and outro music are fantastic.

Episode 95: Where Do Those Duke Boys Get Their Wonderful Toys

Episode 46: Twitter Reject and the Pot Smoking Pop Star


In this episode Roxy confronts Lee, Jeremy confronts Roxy, and Lee confronts himself, as some in-house dirty laundry gets aired out for everyone to hear. The terrible trio also spends time discussing the latest outbreak of Bieber fever, and when that smoke settles, the discussion turns to Amish gangsters, Tales from the Crypt, and neat-o online resources for obscure films. Roxy then professes her love for Udo Kier yet again as she pulls Lars Von Trier’s The Kingdom from her rack. There’s even an open letter to the pricks in Hollywood and much more in this episode, which might be one destined for the podcasting Hall of Fame.

Episode 46: Twitter Reject and the Pot Smoking Pop Star