Episode 117: Villa Nova Is People

Episode 117: Villa Nova Is PeopleJeremy discusses the nuances of creating good CGI effects, but doesn’t forget to give a nod to the legends of practical effects who elevated the game for everyone. The guys also tiptoe around the issue of racism wearing lead-filled shoes. They have good intentions. We swear. We also learn some things about Jason Price this week. It turns out he’s one you have to watch out for on your evening jog. There is also a spooky communication breakdown that gets resolved with the help of a Milton Bradley Quija Board and a Magic 8-Ball.

Episode 117: Villa Nova Is People

Episode 45: Men Bro Down!

Episode 45: Men Bro Down!

Roxy put in for some vacation time at the last minute so its just Lee and Jeremy holding down the fort for some serious man time and WOW do the penises fly high on this episode 45 edition of APC. We get into all sorts of trouble when we talk Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Nope, these toddlers haven’t wee it yet, but they have seen Katt Williams and Spike Lee get all sorts of butthurt over Quentin’s use of the infamous “N-Word” word. The boys then comment on how hard it must be to have been a legend in the music industry like Patti Page. The sad topics continue as the boys become men discussing Bobby Womack, the king of getting you laid with his sweet sounds of soul, rhythm and blues. Once they become men, Lee and Jeremy instantly begin to BRODOWN on some hot and sweaty NFL talk. You can’t pass this one up, puns and all. Do yourself a favor and stay tuned after the episode for not one, but two soothing tracks from Mr. Womack.  You’re welcome, America!

Episode 45: Men Bro Down!