#ReadAnFnBookFridays: Alien Smut Peddlers From the Future by Kent Hill

Title: Alien Smut Peddlers From the Future

Author: Kent Hill

Publisher: Strangehouse Books

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a sucker for over-the-top fiction, unrestricted by the physical laws of the universe. I appreciate it when an author cuts those ties to reality and just flows with whatever weirdness might come out of their minds as long, stringy clumps of story.

Every #ReadAnFnBookFridays book so far has been from publishers who concentrate on abstract, odd-ball fiction, and Alien Smut Peddlers From the Future by Kent Hill and Strangehouse Books is no exception.

The basic story is an alien crash lands in a universe much like the old west, and discovers a burgeoning porn business, which is the equivalent of stumbling onto a goldmine in the porn-obsessed future society.

The story mostly follows Mendoza Dooblah and Badlands Meredith, as they travel the west, laying track, and documenting as much of it as possible. They are kind of like Bob Crane and John Henry Carpenter meet Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

You know from the beginning a confrontation is going to happen, and Kent Hill does a good job of keeping the tension alive with lively storytelling.

As one would expect a book called Alien Smut Peddlers From the Future to include, there is plenty of humor sprinkled throughout the book. There’s also plenty of weird, explicit sex throughout the book too.

Unlike those classic cult films of the mid 1900s, which almost never delivered on the claims in its promotional hype, wild titles, and amazing poster art used to sell them, Alien Smut Peddlers From the Future delivers everything you imagine it would.

There are aliens and time Travel.

There are shootouts.

There is plenty of sex.

There is even plenty of explicit sex.

There is also an element of cool in the way the story is written that matches the cool artwork on the cover.

You can pick up the Kindle version on Amazon right now for $2.99, and the paperback version for about $8.

Here’s an excerpt of the book read by some kind of sock puppet thing.

Good shit.

Check it out some time.

In the meantime, though, why don’t you read a fucking book or something.