Episode 116: Soft Gold

Episode 116: Soft GoldThis week’s episode starts without starting and covers a lot of ground in the stream of three consciousnesses, and doesn’t stay on one subject for too long. It’s perfect for the ADD crowd. There are discussions of the new NWA movie, porn films, midgets, Nudies Suits, WV celebrities, and there’s even an impromptu game of Family Feud thrown in just for fun.

Episode 116: Soft Gold


Episode 115: Mastercuts

Episode 115: MastercutsThis week the gang discuss their latest trades in the Bad Karma Body Count Celebrity Death Pool, Lee almost gets a haircut, and Jeremy talks about the recent addition to the DC Cinematic Universe. Jason breaks down some sweet new interviews over at Icon Vs Icon, Jeremy hates Tammy, and Lee gets World Cup Fever. It’s almost as sexy as Pac-Man Fever. Almost. The boys also plan a trip to Walmart to pick up some sweet Topps Trading Cards in celebration of Major League turning 25 years young.

Episode 115: Mastercuts

Episode 114: Whore Talk

Episode 114: Whore TalkThis week, we get updates on the upcoming celebrity interviews from Jason and Icon vs Icon, like Gabriel Iglesias,Tesla, and Chris Jericho; the guys tackle the Net Neutrality thing; Jeremy brings us up to speed on the world of Zack Snyder; and we’re still trying to figure out what the hell Lee was talking about in his frequent, and ill-advised, soliloquies, which were fueled by spirits – evil spirits.

Episode 114: Whore Talk

Episode 113: Insert Generic Title Here

Episode 113: Insert Generic Title HereThis week the boys talk about Last Comic Standing, X-Men (WARING: LACED WITH DRUNKEN SPOILERS), Finding Bigfoot meeting Turtleman, Reading Rainbow Or: How We Learn to Profit From Our Nostalgia, Personal Taste Or: Why Is Jeremy Such A Judgemental Hypocrite, Don Rickles, and Jeremy (hopefully) doesn’t piss off a podcat bro.

Episode 113 Insert Generic Title Here

Episode 112: No You See Me To See You Required

Episode 112: no You See me To See You RequiredThis week Jeremy dials up 911, Jason goes snake hunting and finds Jake the Snake Roberts, and Lee proves he knows nothing about history by seeming to believe Joseph Stalin was Italian. They also talk about the tired practice of shooting video of every single life event, and they delve into the kind of nostalgia that just leaves the nostalgic sickened by their own tastes.

Episode 112: No You See Me To See You Required

Episode 111: Taut Men In Tight Pants

Episode 111: Taut Men In Tight PantsThis week we find out about Lee’s secret Swamp Thing past, Jason talks wrestling and tells a few snake-hunting tales, and Jeremy puts on his armor made of Affleck and takes a stand in the land of bat fans, and he lays some praise onto the loser horn, and causes things to get way out of hand. (Insert sad horn sound here)

Episode 111: Taut Men In Tight Pants

Episode 110b: No More Fakin’ It, This Time In Life We’re Breakin’ It

Episode 110b: No More Fakin' It, This Time In Life We're Breakin' ItThis week on Acid Pop Cult, Wilford Brimley finds a new whore, Jason talks about his interview with Shabba-Doo Quinones of Breakin’, The Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, and Animal House are topics of conversation, and the trio try to remember the days before the Internet when people had to use actual maps, you know, the ones on paper.

Episode 110b: No More Fakin’ It, This Time In Life We’re Breakin’ It

Episode 110: …In Space

Episode 110: ...In SpaceThis week the guys talk about Jesus the performer, and his trouble keeping a good agent; Cloris Leachman denies Jason’s sausage, and he gives her the boot; Jeremy talks about baby sex; Lee is often incoherent and doesn’t know when to shut up; and John Pinette wins a prize for one Bad Karma Body Count Celebrity Death Pooler. There is also some discussion about the touring company of Friday 13th on Ice, and we use semicolons in the show description. 

Episode 110: …In Space

Episode 108: Jeremy Goes to the Hospital

Episode 108: Jeremy Goes to the HospitalJeremy takes us on a journey to the ER where his testicles were stretched and beaten mercilessly, and Lee threatens to ditch cable in favor of digital subscription services as a means of being more frugal and screwing over The Man. There is also an update on the Bad karma Body Count Celebrity Death Pool standings and recent hits. There’s also a discussion about the Police Academy movies for no good reason. 

Episode 108: Jeremy Goes to the Hospital

Episode 107: Knowing When to End the Episode, But Just Not Caring. That Takes Balls.

Episode 107: Knowing When to End the Episode, But Just Not Caring. That Takes Balls.This week the boys chat about some fun things that will make your butt bleed with laughter. Lee chats up a sweet doc about Michael Alig, whom was the subject of the film Party Monster. Jeremy talks about problems with dropping expensive phones. Jason shares some sweet content that you can find over at Icon Vs Icon. Also you can hear all about some Bad Karma Body Count updates. If my memory is correct, we end the show with an article about the 13 worst synonyms for a vagina, which is actually a shitty list. Enjoy.

Episode 107: Knowing When to End the Episode, But Just Not Caring. That Takes Balls.