Few Diamonds in Rough Week of Blu-Ray Releases

I really thought the Blu-Ray releases this week would be special given the arrival of Cyber Monday and Black Friday, but boy was I wrong. There were very few films on the release list this week that excited me. Of course, that’s just me. You might be giddy over a release this week. If so, tell us about it in the comments below.

This week’s Blu-Ray Highlights

The Horror Show (1989)

Sometimes The Horror Show gets title tagged with House 3: The Horror Show, but it never probably should have. This blu-ray release drops it from the cover, and just calls it The Horror Show as god intended.

Aside from getting a great story about a man who, from beyond the grave, seeks revenge against the detective whose work sent him to the electric chair, you got a ton of Brion James, aka Leon Kowalski in Blade Runner, playing the role of a bad guy.  Nobody does it better.

Get it Nov. 26.

Sci-Fi Triple Feature: The Omega Man/ Soylent Green/ Logan’s Run


This set is worth the price of admission alone just for the two Charlton Heston movies. True, double and triple feature discs generally suck compared to the special edition, single-title releases, but if you just like movies and don’t give a damn about collecting anything, it’s a good way to score a few classic titles on the cheap. Just don’t expect a bunch of bonus features from Warner Bros.

Get it Nov. 26.

Black Sabbath Live… Gathered in Their Masses


Black Sabbath Live… Gathered in Their Masses comes out today, and it turns old these old bastards can still rock a little. This release reminds me of the Veterans Day parade that takes place every year in just about every hometown in America, where they find the oldest guys in town, dress them up, and drag them through the streets so everyone can applaud for what might be their last trip around the block.

After a short love affair with Quiet Riot as a youngster, I moved on to Black Sabbath for my needs, and it’s a relationship that has continued to this very day. I’m a  Sabbath fan. That’s why this release is being highlighted here.

Total Recall among the new Steelbook Editions from LionsGate.

Total Recall among the new Steelbook Editions from LionsGate.

For you collector types, for whom owning just one cover design option for a release is never enough, quite a few neat films were released in Steelbook editions, Nov. 24, too.

Sin City, Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2, Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Total Recall (1990), Apocalypse Now, Stargate: The Movie (1994), Highlander: The Movie (1986), First Blood, and Hero (2002) were all given the Steelbook look and released Nov. 24 by LionsGate.

Here’s a complete list of releases for Nov. 26.

Episode 39: Jim Van Bebber, Deadbeat at Dawn, Jenny Agutter, and Brown Eyes?

J-Mo’s Rants & Rambles focuses on the greatest actress to ever live, Jenny Agutter. We pull Jim Van Bebber’s cult classic “Deadbeat at Dawn” out for Roxy’s Rack Review. Then, Lee, Roxy, and J-Mo sit down with the cult director to discuss what he has in the works for “Gator Green,” his new film. J-Mo talks briefly about the reaction to Reality Show episode 1 & 2, and urges you all to tune in for episode 3, 11/15/12 on Showtime. Yes, our host is on a Showtime series…How has this not gotten us more traffic? Fuck off, internet.

Episode 39: Jim Van Bebber, Deadbeat at Dawn, Jenny Agutter, and Brown Eyes?