Episode 113: Insert Generic Title Here

Episode 113: Insert Generic Title HereThis week the boys talk about Last Comic Standing, X-Men (WARING: LACED WITH DRUNKEN SPOILERS), Finding Bigfoot meeting Turtleman, Reading Rainbow Or: How We Learn to Profit From Our Nostalgia, Personal Taste Or: Why Is Jeremy Such A Judgemental Hypocrite, Don Rickles, and Jeremy (hopefully) doesn’t piss off a podcat bro.

Episode 113 Insert Generic Title Here

Episode 80: Freddy Puppet Goes Amish

Episode 80: Freddy Puppet Goes Amish

In which our boys talk about the biggest douche on TV, Vanilla Ice heading to Amish country, the end of a era, and how amazingly bad the Nightmare on Elm St remake actually is.

Episode 80: Freddy Puppet Goes Amish