Episode 20: Acid, Pop, Cult w/ Shane McAvoy PLUS trivia w/ Lee, Roxy, and JMo

Shane McAvoy (Hollywood Insider, Writer, Actor) sits down with Jeremy for some must watch flicks and a round of Acid, Pop, Cult. Lee and Roxy join the trivial pursuit fun later and you’ll be surprised to see who wins this round. Roxy pledges to join Pool Party Radio. It’s a fun episode.

Episode 20: HERE

Episode 6: Part 2 w/ @tromaboy2002, Brian Myers. It’s Long…But So Am I



Brian Myers (@tromaboy2002 on twitter) and Jeremy finish up their chat about Troma FIlms. Roxy then makes Jeremy screw up the show plugs…again. Find us on Facebook (Facebook.com/AcidPopCult) on Twitter (@AcidPopCult)and on the world wide web (AcidPopCult.com)

Episode 6: Part 2 w/ @tromaboy2002, Brian Myers. It’s Long…But So Am I

Episode 4: Garry Charles, An American Werewolf In London, Halloween

Talented writer and all around great dude, Garry Charles, stops by to talk films based in or made around the UK. Jeremy creams over American Werewolf In London, Roxy professes her love for horror sequels, and hammers in said sequels, and Garry teaches the two how Michael Cain is a horrible actor. We talk some kickass flicks and have fun with the lameness of Skype. Oh yeah, Happy Halloween! Hit us up on twitter, facebook, tumblr, or drop us a line at AcidPopCult@gmail.com. Stop by acidpopcult.com for all your ACP needs. Please stop by our iTunes store and grab up the episode and give us a fair review… Jeremy will even take poor.

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Episode 1: Welcome to Acid Pop Cult!


In our debut episode we talk The Devils Rejects, Idle Hands, and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Chris and Jeremy go on an ill-informed journey to find NOFX’s Hardcore (not in a store near you). We talk Flashback Weekend in Chicago and discuss “not so” current events. Email the show at acidpopcult@gmail.com, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook . Find us on the web at http://www.AcidPopCult.com…

Special thanks to Junk Food Dinner and Pool Party Radio’s own Parker Bowman for the guidance on our first show ever!