Episode 117: Villa Nova Is People

Episode 117: Villa Nova Is PeopleJeremy discusses the nuances of creating good CGI effects, but doesn’t forget to give a nod to the legends of practical effects who elevated the game for everyone. The guys also tiptoe around the issue of racism wearing lead-filled shoes. They have good intentions. We swear. We also learn some things about Jason Price this week. It turns out he’s one you have to watch out for on your evening jog. There is also a spooky communication breakdown that gets resolved with the help of a Milton Bradley Quija Board and a Magic 8-Ball.

Episode 117: Villa Nova Is People

Episode 116: Soft Gold

Episode 116: Soft GoldThis week’s episode starts without starting and covers a lot of ground in the stream of three consciousnesses, and doesn’t stay on one subject for too long. It’s perfect for the ADD crowd. There are discussions of the new NWA movie, porn films, midgets, Nudies Suits, WV celebrities, and there’s even an impromptu game of Family Feud thrown in just for fun.

Episode 116: Soft Gold