Episode 131: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Episode 131 Who Ya Gonna CallAcid Pop Cult Podcast, is pleased to present a very special bonus episode to kick off your week! Jason and Jeremy are joined by podcasting legend Parker Bowman of Junk Food Dinner and Pool Party Radio. Parker is celebrating 5 years of Junk Food Dinner and the shows 255th episode this week. Using their podcasting powers for good, this handsome trio run down a slew of pressing issues from the recent developments with ‘ Ghostbusters’ franchise and our picks for a dream cast to the charismatic enigma known as Mr. T. It is a rip roaring’ good time and if that’s not enough, We’ll see you next Tuesday (K)night!

Episode 131: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Episode 100: Still the Best Podcast You’ve Never Heard

Episode 100: Still the Best Podcast You've Never HeardThis week the boys are joined by Parker Bowman and Jason Frisbie of Pool Party Radio in celebration of APC’s 100th episode! Take a walk down memory lane with us as we give inside scoops to our favorite episodes and relive how this show got started. This episode features some super deep cuts. We also reveal the winner to the O’Hare airport contest, discuss some sweet Bad Karma Body Count prizes to come, We chat about the positive and negative of a Ghostbusters 3, just how much Harold Ramis meant to Jeremy. The new Godzilla trailer, Legit with Jim Jeffries, and the return of Bates Motel are also brought up. Enjoy, sluts!

Episode 100: Still the Best Podcast You’ve Never Heard


Episode 59: He Did It All For The Funny

Episode 59: He Did It All For The Funny

Acid Pop Cult, now 68.267% more interactive! The gang answer emails and tweets from the world of four listeners. Chris and Jeremy talk about their fun at C2E2, including Jeremy’s dreadful time during the Maniac remake, Chris hating on nerds, more Aquaman hate, some hard Kevin Smith dick sucking, and a beer line. Lee educates the boys on some literature and “The Confederacy of Dunces.” Jeremy says “in concession” instead of “in succession” twice in one episode, which drove him nuts during the edit. Words were not his friend on episode 59. If you’re not a fan of Kevin Smith, Jeremy is sorry in advance. If you are a fan of Kevin Smith, you’re welcome in advance. For some stupid reason I can’t upload our episode card… it’s really funny and I’m now suicidal because of this tragic blunder.

*Editor’s note: We don’t really think Lee is a racist. We’re sorry in advance.

Episode 59: He Did It All For The Funny


Episode 52: Boobs, Batman, and Mila Kunis While Drinking the PPR Kool Aid

Episode 52: Boobs, Batman, and Mila Kunis While Drinking the PPR Kool Aid



This week the boys discuss how long you can look at a girls exposed boob meat before you’re deemed a creeper by the chick flaunting them off. They are suddenly joined for an epic crossover when  a couple of podcats celebrating their 100th episode jump on for an unexpected visit around the 17 minute mark. Seth Koozer will not want to miss this mash up of  epic proportions. After that the fun and games continue for Lee and Jeremy as they talk real life Bat(men), the under appreciated film “Defendor” with Woody Harrelson and Kat Dennings*, an adorable interview given by Mila Kunis while on her press junket tour through the UK for “Oz the Great and Powerful.” Finally we wrap things up with a month long spot APC will be doing titled March Madness. Original in concept, no, but over at APC we do things our way, and our way is law. During the month of March we’ll be discussing the things that drive us mad in Hollywood. Good and Bad. To kick it off, Jeremy brings up his hatred for the genre gag “cat scare”, but gives Rolfe Kanefsky props for not only saving the gag, but shedding some much needed light on the genre in general with his debut feature film “There’s Nothing Out There”. Check it out!

*Editors note: Jeremy loves him some Kat Dennings. His girlfriend has come to except this. Hi Danielle!

Episode 52: Boobs, Batman, and Mila Kunis While Drinking the PPR Kool Aid

Episode 50: Jason Frisbie Joins Our TV Party Tonight!

Episode 50: Jason Frisbie Joins a TV Party Tonight!


No crops, no cut with Jason Frisbie, episode 50 is all about TV… and Rudy Ray Moore! That’s right folks, Frisbie from Pool Party Radio joins us on our 50th episode to talk television history and how it’s changed, or ripped off what we view today. But first, Lee continues his month long expedition into the world of Blaxploition and educates Jeremy on the wonders of one man who helped craft the genre and inspire shows like Black Dynamite (the movie and animated series.) Frisbie ain’t no jive turkey when it comes to the awesomeness of Mr. Moore. Check this one out, it’s a hoot. Also, check out Pool Party Radio to hear back episodes of Frisbie and Parker Bowman’s fine podcast!

Episode 50: Jason Frisbie Joins Our TV Party Tonight!

Episode 49: The Unintentional Directors Cut

Episode 49: The Unintentional Directors Cut

Episode 49 is a great one, folks. Lee brings us a hilarious Dear Hollywood and a top 15 of Blaxploitation from IMDb. He educates us about some of the godfather’s of the genre, including a Pam Grier collaborator, Jack Hill. A white dude making Blaxploitation flicks? Happened a lot. Guess what, he was fucking great at it too! Jeremy blows a load over The Dark Knight Returns part II, John Waters, and the cute men over at Junk Food Dinner. We should just get rid of Rants and Rambles since he tends to rant and ramble his way through the entire show. Roxy’s Rack Review is a gem! Roxy educates Lee about-indy as fuck-filmmaker Fred Olen Ray, and also delivers another great review, The Phantom Empire. No, not the Gene Autry sci-fi epic from 1935, the 1988 version featuring an all-star indy cast that includes a leather clad Sybil Danning. Still not interested? Fuck off! This show is awesome! Roxy brought her A game, Lee hit 5 for 5 with 4 homers and 9 rbi’s, and Jeremy, well, talked.

Episode 49: The Unintentional Directors Cut

Episode 40: It’s The Final Parker!

This Thanksgiving episode is very special. Lee and J-Mo are joined by podcast GOD, Parker Bowman of Pool Party Radio and Junk Food Dinner. We talk remakes we’d like to see, what we don;t mind taking for granted, and a new(ish) segment called “Rapid Rants” that covers a handful of topics like Ariel Winter, Elmo, and more. ENJOY!

Episode 40: It’s The Final Parker!



Lee did such a wonderful job explaining why we’re posting this top 5 list that I won’t rehash what he said. I will say that I took it one step further with my list. Though it may not be the TOP 5 films by most film buffs standards (You’ll notice it is lacking Chopping Mall and Return of Swamp Thing to name a couple) I decided to make my list based on the films that inspired ME to become the director I am still aspiring to be. With hope, and many of your fingers crossed…I will be stepping into the role of Film Director within the next few months with a film that was not only inspired by the horror-comedies of Mr. Wynorski, but also inspired heavily by the film POPATOPOLIS that was featured on episode 27 of APC  with the writer/director/jack of all trades and fabulous story teller, Clay Westervelt!

Okay, okay, ’nuff about me and my films. This is after all Mr. Wynorski’s list, again, the films that inspired me as a young lad. Here we go…. (helpful hint, click on the movie title for it’s IMDb page for more facts, trivia, and cast and crew lists)

  1. Sorority House Massacre II (1990): This film is pure fun! While a young kid roaming Bunger Video renting my 5 VHS for 5 days, I stumbled upon a group of films that would forever be known as the “Massacre Collection”. I was confused, surprised, and excited to see footage from the original Slumber Party Massacre (1982) used to create a completely new back story for a film that wasn’t even a sequel. Confused? Don’t be! Jump over and listen to episode 26. While discussing the Slumber Party trilogy Roxy and I shed light on what is one of many *Wynorskisms.
  2. Not Of This Earth (1988): Mr. Wynorski took a chance on a former adult film star who found herself in a little bit of hot water after leaving the hardcore scene when he cast Traci Lords as the lead in his 1988 remake of Roger Corman’s cult classic. Traci proved to be more than ready for the A-list scene in this science fiction vampire opus that keeps its tongue firmly held in cheek. If you haven’t seen it, check it out NOW! it is available on Netflix. WAIT… keep reading the list before you check it out. I meant now as in AFTER you finish my top 5, **douche! Add it to your instant and come back. I’ll wait.
  3. The Lost Empire (1985): This film has everything including the kitchen sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal and Clay Westervelt’s roofer! If you’ve listened to Episode 27 than you get that reference. If you haven’t, listen to episode 27 and you’ll get the reference, but I digress. I love this movie for many reasons, least of all because it was made in the greatest year ever, 1985 (I’m going to be 27 next month, do the math!!) I’m lucky enough to have seen this movie many moons ago. Sadly I don’t have it anymore, but I still love it and I have very fond memories of watching it on VHS. If I’ve learned anything from Mr. Wynorski it is this, making movies is HARD WORK and to get your foot in the door is even harder… If you’re ever fortunate enough to make a movie, make something you’ll *^LOVE! Pull out all the stops and if you’re lucky it will become a labor of love and achieve cult status and keep you working for many, many moons to come!
  4. Demolition High (1996): Our friends over at Junk Food Dinner reviewed this on Episode #109 of their hit internet sensation podcast aptly titled @JunkFoodDinner. Parker, my podcast mentor and the gang liked the flick and you should too! Two students mention that Coach Wynorski is having an affair with a student near the beginning of the movie.*** Funny because in ’96-’97 I was having an affair with this movie! Who wasn’t a fan of Corey Haim? Go ahead, tell me you weren’t… That is what I thought… This flick is packed with A-list talent of present and past, a simple concept, an unbelievable plot, and enough high octane action to make James Cameron give up and start using a butt load of CGI in his films. Of course this is all speculation Mr. Cameron. I do remember putting my brother and friends through a maze of make believe gun fire and explosions on a make believe camera that was still too much coin for my parents to drop as I tried to make this movie on the farm. Most of it hit the cutting room floor.
  5. Cheerleader Massacre (2003): Brinke Stevens reprises her role as Linda in this not so sequel to Slumber Party Massacre, but more of a sequel than Slumber Party Massacre Part II. By this time I knew I wanted to direct films so I was watching the horror magazines and sites for all the news on the genre and if memory serves correct this was once Slumber Party 4, but the name was changed. I could be wrong, but let’s pretend I am right. Mr. Wynorski has his way with some fun *Wynorskisms in this instant cult hit by having Brinke and the infamous driller killer survive to become potential would be killers for this go-round. I think this was also the first shot on video flick I had seen (Aside from Blair Witch) showing me that though the technology was (and still is) becoming easier to get your hands on, to make a REALLY good film you still have to have one thing…TALENT! Cheesy in some parts, tense as fuck in others, to this day I can still throw the disc in and forget who is actually (SPOILER ALERT!!!!) doing all of the killing. Pretty girls that loose their tops, a romantic love scene, a couple great shower scenes, this flick has a lot “for the whole family to enjoy”.
So there you have it… My top 5 Jim Wynorski flicks. Agree or disagree, this is sure to be true, you’ll have a hell of a lot of fun watching them! Below is a short list of honorable mentions…. mostly because I love boobs in movies. ENJOY!
Parodies sure to outshine the original (or remake of an original) in every way, busty shape, and hour glass form!
Your Host, Jeremy L. Morrison <—- IMDb link (shameless self promotion!)

*Wynorskisms – To create new character arcs, plot points, and/or overall back story with preexisting (or stock footage). This can help your film look more expensive by using a car chase (as seen in POPATOPOLIS) or save time and money by NOT having to shoot extra footage that may or may not wind up on the cutting room floor.

**I don’t really think you are a douche. Thanks for taking the tie to read this post. It actually means a lot to me…say, have you rated us on iTunes yet? No?? What are you waiting for ^DOUCHE!

^Again, sorry for calling you a douche. My emotions get the best of me. I’m a Leo. Deal with it.

^* Although, If you’re already not in love with the idea of making movies or you are doing it because you think you’ll make mega bucks, go rent a Michael Bay flick and stroke yourself while you tighten the noose….Not to be an asshole because I know film making is a business at the end of the day, but if you don’t love your craft go find something you do love. Plumbers make a shit ton of money. pun totally intended!

***Thank you IMDb trivia!

Episode 26: Slumber Party with Acid Pop Cult

We talk Slumber Party Massacre 1, 2, and 3, the whole collection. We even talk a bit about Sorority House Massacre 1 and 2, a little Hard to Die, and Cheerleader Massacre. It’s a Massacre filled show. Fitting since Roxy and Jeremy are at each others necks after Pool Party Radio‘s RoboJohnBrown fuels the Roxy and Frisbie drama. Oh, and Chris Michalek provides us a new intro!

Episode 26: Slumber Party with Acid Pop Cult

Episode 20: Acid, Pop, Cult w/ Shane McAvoy PLUS trivia w/ Lee, Roxy, and JMo

Shane McAvoy (Hollywood Insider, Writer, Actor) sits down with Jeremy for some must watch flicks and a round of Acid, Pop, Cult. Lee and Roxy join the trivial pursuit fun later and you’ll be surprised to see who wins this round. Roxy pledges to join Pool Party Radio. It’s a fun episode.

Episode 20: HERE