Come one, come all, come all over “CHILLERAMA”

Saturday night I was at the Midway Drive-In out in Sterling, IL for the midwest premiere of Chillerama. In case you have been under a rock, the flick is a new anthology film from the devious minds of Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Adam Rifkin, and Tim Sullivan. The film is a love letter to the B-Movie flicks that these guys grew up loving. The flicks that inspired them to be the filmmakers that they are today. At least I think that last part is true. I could be making that up, but I think I’m right. You want to fight about it? I didn’t think so. Seeing it at the drive-in was a perfect setting. There were some very awesome moments.  Great throwbacks to the films we love. Fun cast all around.
Adam Rifkin’s “Wadzilla” was a fun tip of the hat to the atomic age monster movies of the 1950s. Rifkin gives us the tale of what would happen if you encountered an ever growing sperm monster. The Chiodo Brothers kicked some serious ass with the design of the monster. Rifkin’s script is pretty funny and the cast, lead by Rifkin, execute the jokes flawlessly. It’s always a pleasure to see Ray Wise in any type of role and his performance as Dr. Weems was the highlight of the segment for me.
Tim Sullivan’s “I Was a Teenage Werebear” is a cute homage to the bikini musicals of the 1960s. The FX are very cheesy (on purpose) and the musical numbers are catchy. I’m sure Sullivan had a blast working on such a goofy flick. Sullivan’s go to girl, Lin Shaye has a fun role in the flick as the gypsy who gives you the info that you already know.

Adam Green’s “Diary of Anne Frankenstein”  was a hoot! Set in WWII though Hitler, played by Joel David Moore, is still convinced that it is WWI.  Ol’ Adolf is up to his crazy antics and has hatched a diabolical scheme to create the perfect soldier. Of course the monster is played by Kane Hodder, this is an Adam Green flick after all… I still believe Hodder played the chair lift in Frozen, but I digress. Where was I?? Oh yeah, Kane… Hitler’s monster Meshugannah looks fantastic! Robert Pendergraft created a great design that looked like something you would have seen on the back lot at Universal. Green’s script is hilarious. Joel David Moore and Kristina Klebe are adorable together. All I can say is keep an eye out for the puppies.

Joe Lynch directed The opening, wrap around, and last segment, “Zom-B-Movie ” All of which have a very old school punk rock feel. The segments are gore filled and shoot 100cc’s of adrenaline straight into your anus cavity. Lynch got his segment (and wrap around) perfect, a little tight, but he had to get a lot in the film, yet allow enough time for the other films to play out in a respectful time frame.
My absolute favorite segment however isn’t even really a segment at all. Defecation is the film patented after the “hook” films of the 1970s. We’re introduced to the film by director Fernando Phagabeefy. We’re warned about what we are about to see, but as things begin to go crazy at the Kaufman Drive-In, the film gets ruined in the projector and our wrap around turns into the finally choc-full of bluey gooey blasts of shock and roll, yet leaving me a wee bit unsatisfied and craving more. I’m sure I’ll survive.

All in all, “CHILLERAMA” is a hell of a good time! If you have a chance to catch a screening during any stop on the roadshow, I suggest you make it A.S.A. Fah’kin P! <— dates and showtimes, duh!