Episode 38: Part Two w/ Lee and Jeremy

Lee and Jeremy talk more George Lucas/Disney deal, Lee brings us another edition of Dear Hollywood, the boys talk prop b (which doesn’t concern them since they don’t live in LA), porn, action flicks, and all sorts of penis enlarging topics. Good times!

Episode 38: Part Two w/ Lee and Jeremy

Episode 38: Part One w/ Roxy and Jeremy Shooting The Sh*t


Last week Jeremy and Roxy sat down to do a show with the intention of getting it up on Wednesday. It’s 6 days later and Jeremy just got done editing the show. Way to go, f*cktard. Roxy reviews William Asher’s Night Warning from 1982 and Jeremy rambles about the George Lucas sale.

Episode 38: Part One w/ Roxy and Jeremy Shooting The Sh*t 

Episode 37: Spooky Scary Halloween Edition (Not Really)

Episode 37 we are all over the place. Just look at the keywords if you don’t believe me.. One thing is for sure, Halloween isn’t over until you listen to this. Not really, but I’ve always wanted to use that stupid line.

Episode 37: Spooky Scary Halloween Edition (Not Really)

Episode 35: Is Pretty Damn Good

Lee talks riots in the streets, Roxy’s Rack busts open a classic from the 80s, “Silent Scream,” and Jeremy rambles about Tom Atkins…AND William Fichtner? The boys talk about the CW’s new comic turned series, ARROW, and the gang agree Wal-Mart is the 7th layer of hell. Pretty damn good show.

Episode 35: Is Pretty Damn Good

Episode 33: The Sh*t Show

The Sh*t Show! We talk sh*t, lots of sh*t. We talk sh*t on everything from fantasy football to Nazi flicks to dead grandmas. Roxy’s Rack Review brings us Escape From Blood Plantation, Lee’s Redneck Report drops science on social sh*theads that show no consideration at gas stations. Jeremy’s Rants & Rambles starts on Fantasy Footballers and the women and children that ruin it, before trailing off on Batman the Animated Series. New segment that you can vote on called “F*cktard of the Week” and Jeremy makes a public apology to his mentor, Parker Bowman.

Episode 33: The Sh*t Show

Episode 32: Cannibal Kinfolk Chow Down

Episode 32 focuses on CANNIBALS, people! But first, we catch up with the two sickly gents and the bubbly cave dweller next door. We ask for your help getting Roxy’s brother Randy on the show. Then, Lee brings us another fine edition of the “Redneck Report” that may or may not feature backwoods rape. “Roxy’s Rack Review” is a double shot of mutant fun with the review of The Hills Have Eyes 1977 vs 2006. You may be shocked with what she picks as her favorite (at the moment). Jeremy piles on Roxy’s Hills review with a painful “Rants & Rambles” segment about how much he hates the ’06 version. Like what you hear? Call in, rate us on iTunes, or just spread the word.

Episode 32: Cannibal Kinfolk Chow Down

Episode 31: Fun Family Fun For The Whole Family

Jeremy and Roxy return in episode 31 to make you smile yet again. Roxy’s Rack Review is full of campy goodness when she tells us about Nudist Colony of the Dead. J-Mo pulls double duty with a new segment Rockin’ Recluse, a sad attempt to bring more NOFX to the show. He then brings us a surprisingly good Rants & Rambles segment. Let us know what you think by emailing the show (acidpopcult@gmail.com) OR call the new fan line (773)234-ACID

Episode 31: Fun Family Fun For The Whole Family