Ho, Ho, Ho, Now Die, Die, Die: Fangoria Brings Silent Night, Deadly Night to Theaters in December


Get into the holiday spirit by taking the family to a screening of the Christmas classic, Silent Night, Deadly Night at a Theater near you. How great is that?

From Fangoria:

Fangoria Presents unwraps Charles E Sallier Jr.’s 1984 holiday cult horror classic SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, in theaters this December! SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT tells the tale of Billy Chapmen, orphaned at five after witnessing the murder of his parents at the hands of a Santa suit-clad madman on Christmas Eve. Now eighteen and out of the brutal grip of orphanage nuns, Billy is forced to confront his greatest fear, sending him on a rampage, leaving a crimson trail in the snow behind him. Fangoria Presents, in conjunction with Screenvision, delivers this seasonal slasher essential in a stunning new HD transfer for the ultimate experience in ho-ho-horror!

We have discussed re-releases vs remakes before on the podcast, and we most definitely favor the re-release route for classic films. Why risk screwing up a good thing with a shitty remake? Right?

So when opportunities like this one arise, we urge everyone to spread the word and show up at the theaters in droves to support them, even if the movie being re-released isn’t that good. In this case, it just so happens to be a great horror classic.

Money talks in the movie world.

Quit spending your money on shitty remakes, and let theaters know you’d rather see the original classics on the big screen. Those bastards in Hollywood will eventually get the message. If the public wanted Harvey Weinstein to run over his mother, he probably would if enough people wanted to see it.

Find out where Silent Night, Deadly Night is playing in your area at Fangoria On Screen.