First Season of You Can’t Do That on Television Aired Live, And Never Again


Shot of Roger Price from the YouTube video below.

Honestly, I don’t know much about Roger Price, creator of You Can’t Do That on Television, but in this video featuring the very first episode of You Can’t Do That on Television, and clips of Price’s earlier work in England leading up to the You Can’t Do That on Television formula, he comes off as a bit of a pompous jackass. That’s just speculation on my part and may not be true.

Many sources claim the very first season of You Can’t Do That on Television produced in 1979, which never aired in the US, mysteriously disappeared and is lost forever. Turns out that’s not true.

Roger Price has had the tapes locked up at his home in rural France, where he lives without television, and up until about a decade ago, without the Internet. When he retired, it seems he decided he didn’t want anything to do with TV whatsoever.

After being asked about the first season by David Dillehunt, director of You Can’t Do That on Film, the 2004 documentary about the show, he copped to having the tapes. At the time, he had no idea anybody still cared about the show.

The first season was far different than the show that premiered on Nickelodeon in 1981. The show was live, and in addition to the sketches it featured music videos, live performances, a community bulletin board segment, as well as a phone-in and win gimmick.

You also get to see the very first sliming in this video.

I won’t call it good stuff, but I will say it’s interesting .Check it out.

The hunt is still on to contact whoever owns the rights to You Can’t Do That on Television so we can discuss the reasons behind there being no official DVD release of the entire series. If you’ve got a lead to a contact, please let us know. The last known rights holder was Carlton Productions. They don’t seem to be around any more, at least not under that name.