Episode 234: Year End Wrap Up Drone-on-athon

Episode 234: Year End Wrap Up Drone-on-athonNever ones to curse a year, the boys at APC share what they appreciated in 2016 before turning their sights on what has them excited about 2017. Jeremy catches us up with his 366 Challenge and the group discuss the career of Tom Hanks and Spike Jonze in the process. The gang share their holiday experiences with one another before Jason and Hank talk about “Rogue One” in a spoiler filled chat about the latest Star Wars Story. Later the boys discuss the “American Pie” movies and try to figure out if they hold up as well as some other skintastic coming of age comedies. To round out the night Jeremy convinces Hank and Jason that “South Park: The Stick of Truth” is worth their time in anticipation for this years “The Fractured But Whole”! As always, make sure you subscribe, rate and review the show on iTunes. Start 2017 off right, folks.

Episode 234: Year End Wrap Up Drone-on-athon

Episode 228: Hardwired For The Holiday Spirit

Episode 228: Hardwired For The Holiday SpiritOn the latest episode of the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, the gang is back and they have their eyes set on the holidays. Jeremy, Hank and Jason offer up a look at the madness that was their Thanksgiving celebrations before turning their sights on Christmas. The boys get a touch nostalgic with a look back at some classic toys from their youth and Jason discusses his holiday playlist project (which will be released to all the good little girls and boys in early December via Apple Music). Other topics range from Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ to the next entry into ‘The Walking Dead’ game series from Telltale Games. Hank discusses his love for the new Metallica record and becomes hell bent for leather as Jason recounts his trip to see the TRINITY project featuring the voices of Queensryche, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Jeremy brings us up to speed on his latest entries in his 366 Movie Challenge, which is nearly it’s close. No worries, he is way ahead of the curve! To round out the show, the gang brings their picks of the week to the table along with some ‘Rogue One’ chat. Spread the word, leave a review and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes for our continuing adventures!

Episode 228: Hardwired For The Holiday Spirit

Episode 196: Steel Dragon

Episode 196: Steel DragonThis week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jason and Hank test their might as they take the reigns of the show. In what proves to be a heavily music based show, the duo discuss their love of Apple Music and the joy of catching some of their favorite artists perform live through the streaming of some of the summer’s biggest events. Talk turns to Record Store Day, the continuing madness of vinyl collecting and the return of Columbia House. Hank teases the upcoming Summer Movie Preview as he touches on ‘Rogue One’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ They cap off this week’s show with some solid picks of the week, along with some great advice on how to avoid becoming the tech guy in your family. Spread the word, leave a review and be sure to tune in each week for the latest and greatest!

Episode 196: Steel Dragon