Episode 110: …In Space

Episode 110: ...In SpaceThis week the guys talk about Jesus the performer, and his trouble keeping a good agent; Cloris Leachman denies Jason’s sausage, and he gives her the boot; Jeremy talks about baby sex; Lee is often incoherent and doesn’t know when to shut up; and John Pinette wins a prize for one Bad Karma Body Count Celebrity Death Pooler. There is also some discussion about the touring company of Friday 13th on Ice, and we use semicolons in the show description.¬†

Episode 110: …In Space

Episode 36: Ghost Sh*t

Episode 36: Ghost Sh*t

Seth Koozer joins the group for a round table debate on ghosts, goblins, and creepy crawlies. The gang bring us a few flicks to check out around the Halloween season. Jeremy confuses Joe Chappelle and David LaChappelle and calls The Exorcist part 3¬†Dominion instead of Legion. He’s a douche.¬† It’s a good one. Special thanks to Seth for stopping by.

Episode 36: Ghost Sh*t