Episode 156: Wes Craven Retrospective

Episode 156: Wes Craven RetrospectiveThis week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason celebrate the life and work of the late Wes Craven. The duo discuss their introductions to his work, the impact it had on them as film fans and how his work impacted the horror genre as a whole. Next, Jeremy unveils his list of the Top 5 underrated films by the Master of Horror. They wrap the episode up with their Picks of The Week in the form of the new ‘Mad Max’ video game and Iron Maiden’s new album, “The Book of Souls.” It is a robust and full bodied episode; best described as easily drinkable. Download, listen and spread the word!

Episode 156: Wes Craven Retrospective

Episode 64: Top Gun vs Jason

Episode 64: Top Gun vs Jason


On this new episode of APC Chris tells a tale of his time well spent at the Grey’s Lake Brewery Fest. Lee drops a new segment that might stick around for a while called “The Freeloader’s Double Feature” where he talks about Bruceploitation flicks “The Dragon Lives Again” and “The Clones of Bruce Lee”, and Jeremy gets teary eyed over the Swamp Thing bluray release and Friday the 13th going back to Paramount. Other stuff pops up too. It’s like, whatevs’.


Episode 64: Top Gun vs Jason

Episode 40: It’s The Final Parker!

This Thanksgiving episode is very special. Lee and J-Mo are joined by podcast GOD, Parker Bowman of Pool Party Radio and Junk Food Dinner. We talk remakes we’d like to see, what we don;t mind taking for granted, and a new(ish) segment called “Rapid Rants” that covers a handful of topics like Ariel Winter, Elmo, and more. ENJOY!

Episode 40: It’s The Final Parker!