#ReadAnFnBookFridays: ‘The Dick’ by Jimmy Pudge

the Dick

One thing we all need to remember is just because the digital version of a book doesn’t cost $7.99 or more, doesn’t mean it sucks. All that usually means is it’s either a writer who doesn’t have the support of maga-publisher behind them, unless it’s a promotional sale, or it could be a self-published work by an author who is just doing whatever he can to find an audience.

Unfortunately, it’s almost a necessity or most self-publishers to offer their works at low prices to lower the consumer’s anxieties about spending money on what is likely to be an unknown commodity. The problem with this is there are plenty of wannabe writers in this self-publishing scenario who don’t have friends brave enough to tell them they should spend a little more time with a project before putting it out there for the world to see.

Jimmy Pudge

Jimmy Pudge

These writers are the bane to the existence of authors like Jimmy Pudge, author of this week’s book The Dick and a previous week’s book Kitty’s Revenge. Pudge, who self-published The Dick via CreateSpace, actually tells interesting stories, and he tells them well.

That’s what I’ve determined after reading two of his books.

The Dick is about an aging, former porn star named Jonny Sausage, who while searching for a new identity in his post-porn career decides to become a private investigator.

When sausage was laying pipe for a living, he was the equivalent of John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Lexington Steele, or even the fictitious Dirk Diggler. His piece might be considered a weapon by some, and he ain’t afraid to use it.

His PI work eventually gets him involved with a vampire whose family members keep moving on to a new stage of dead. His investigation subsequently drags him into other social situations where his previous life both works for him and against him. It also leads him into a situation where he has to deal with a girl who was important to him in his youth.

Is this one of those stories that has a dozen layers of plot and sub-plot, that makes some kind of statement about the human condition, or offers some insight into culture and philosophy? Hell no. What it is, though, is a quick, entertaining read, that never really lulls and keeps propelling the reader forward.

I want to say more about it, because there are some story elements that funny and surprising, but I don’t want to blow its load before The Dick has a chance to do it on its own.

What I can do, is pretty much assure you there will be another Jimmy Pudge sighting on future editions of Read a Fuckin’ Book Fridays.

In the meantime, though, why don’t you go read a fucking book or something.