Episode 124: Is Heaven Handicap Accessible?


Nude celebrity photos rain down from the virtual clouds, Joan Rivers gives up the ghost, and The Trailer Park Boys’ move over to Netflix are among the discussion points in this episode. We also see the return of the extremely popular segment called NFL Football Picks, and reveal the secret of how the pearls of Heaven’s front gate are made.

Episode 124: Is Heaven Handicap Accessible?



Episode 70: Freeload on Wheels

Episode 70: Freeload on Wheels


Jeremy, Lee, and Chris are all sorts of amazing. Need proof? Just listen to Episode 70. We talk about all sorts of stuff from Trailer Park Boys to Mountain Monsters to Grown Ups 2 to MORE Psych stuff. Lee brings us another Freeloaders Double Feature with Cycle Savages and Werewolves on Wheels, a bikerploitation extravaganza! Great episode…Except for the Totally Untrue Trivia segment…Jeremy kinda dropped the ball. But, the Jennifer Tilly inspired masturbation talk makes up for it.

Episode 70: Freeload on Wheels

Episode 57: This Curse Is Real

Episode 57: This Curse Is Real

Episode 57 proves that this damn curse is real and it’s hitting a Trailer Park Boy near you! We talk comedians, Jeremy’s heart throbs for a green painted Mila Kunis. He continues to swoon over Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead camera tricks as they make it to Disneyland, or is it world? Either way, it proves to be a small world after all (Jeremy, this is a dumb joke). We get into some Bates Motel talk which leads Jeremy to drop names faster than (THIS JOKE HAS BEEN OMITTED DUE TO RECENT TRAGIC EVENTS ON THE EAST COAST) The name in question? Robert V. Galluzzo, affectionately known as *RobG. Why? Because he brought us the fantastic and lovingly done “The Psycho Legacy”. Lee and Jeremy also talk stand-up comedians. Lee drops science on some religious documentaries you should check out, Kumare and Marjoe. Give this episode a listen, it is a hoot!

Editors Note: Rob, Jeremy apologizes if his facts are completely wrong in this episode on the off chance you ever hear this. They probably are.

Episode 57: This Curse Is Real