#APCNewToMe: WookieFoot

As I often do, I was browsing through the suggestions curated for me by Spotify’s algorithm, when I stumbled onto a square that said, “You listened to Sublime this week, want to try WookieFoot?”

WookieFoot has been around for quite a while, but they are new to me.

I hit play on the WookieFoot tile and listened to the entirety of their 2009 album Be Fearless and Play Prior to this album, they put out four other albums, and one other one in 2012.

WookieFoot’s music is heavily influenced by raggae, jam bands, love, and the occasional political movement. They even occasionally break things down in a funkadelic style, like the song ‘All Good’ from the album Activate (2006).

I do take issue with Spotify recommending WookieFoot based on the fact I listened to a little Sublime a few days earlier. Sublime has a decisively harder edge to their sound, than does WookieFoot. That doesn’t make WookieFoot inferior by any means though.

Songs like Earthling from their 2012 release Ready or Not… do have a groove that is reminiscent of a few Sublime tunes, but the comparison is irrelevant when it comes down to it.

WookieFoot is Wookiefoot. They sound just like WookieFoot.

I wish I had been content with just listening to them. I just watched a video of them playing live, and realized they are dread-locked white guys who dress like they all climbed out of a car with 20 other people.

Ugh. I hate white guys with dreadss, but I do like WookieFoot’s sound.

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