Episode 278: Tearing Your Patience Apart

Recorded a few weeks back, J-Mo finally gets around to throwing this one up. Quality isn’t the best, but the content is worth the suffering. J-Mo and Jason are joined by Hank this week to break down a bunch of stuff. Dental work left J-Mo in some pain, and the bourbon was flowing fast and loose. Don’t blame me for any attempts at humor that may have fallen short of the mark. As always spread the word, leave a review and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes for our continuing adventures!

Episode 278: Tearing Your Patience Apart

Episode 111: Taut Men In Tight Pants

Episode 111: Taut Men In Tight PantsThis week we find out about Lee’s secret Swamp Thing past, Jason talks wrestling and tells a few snake-hunting tales, and Jeremy puts on his armor made of Affleck and takes a stand in the land of bat fans, and he lays some praise onto the loser horn, and causes things to get way out of hand. (Insert sad horn sound here)

Episode 111: Taut Men In Tight Pants

Episode 15: Best of the Best You’ve Never Heard part 2

Parker, Frisbie, and Jeremy play a round of the sure to be a smash hit game “Acid, Pop, Cult”. Jeremy then finds out from Faith Von Awesome, Stacy Hoffman, and Ellie Church the best way to pick up a hottie from a convention. Jeremy shares his opinions as well. It’s a good one. Email us at AcidPopCult@Gmail.com. and check out Pool Party Radio and Junk Food Dinner on iTunes or the web. Good times.

Episode 15: Best of the Best You’ve Never Heard part 2